Splice’s First Community Event Recap

Last week, we invited a handful of DJs, producers, and music enthusiasts to our New York office for our first community event. With a keg of Blue Moon on tap and too much pizza and chicken fingers, users had a chance to explore the platform and give us in-person feedback on Splice.

As the team worked with our new users, our guests began to introduce themselves to each other. They discussed a wide range of topics (“Where Music is Heading” was a very popular subject) over drinks. By the end they had exchanged Splice usernames, and several collaborations were born.

We are honored to be working with a community of creators who are excited to both use and help improve Splice. As people began leaving, they asked when the next event was. We think this is an awesome opportunity to learn, share, and connect – we will be growing this series to a larger audience very shortly.

Currently, we plan to expand our closed beta user testing sessions in the upcoming weeks to solicit more feedback. We’ll be announcing our next event via email shortly. If you want to participate, sign up for Splice here.

November 6, 2013