Music Sounds Better With You

Celebrating $5 million earned by artists on Splice

At Splice, we look at the music industry from one perspective: the musician’s. We understand that everything about the process of making music is valuable, from tools to techniques, to ideas and inspiration. And at the intersection of music and technology, we see opportunities to improve the way musicians create, collaborate, and earn revenue, all by sharing elements of their creative process with each other.

Today, we’re proud to announce an exciting milestone that validates this vision. Since we launched Splice Sounds in 2015, artists have earned over $5 million by distributing their signature sounds to fellow musicians through our sample library. Even more exciting, we expect that number to double in the first half of next year. This represents millions of dollars in revenue that artists earned not from streaming songs or selling tickets, but from sharing individual sounds — a kick, a loop, a vocal one-shot — with other musicians.

This milestone is one we’re celebrating with you: the producers, sound designers, songwriters, and composers who use Splice Sounds to do what you love. Every sample you download from Splice Sounds supports the musician who made it. Together, we’re creating more seats at the table in music. Thanks to you, there are artists whose revenue from Splice has enabled them to quit their day jobs and pursue their dream: making music full time.

Splice Sounds is an artist-to-artist marketplace: it gets more money into the pockets of the musicians who distribute their sounds on Splice, while helping musicians who find sounds on Splice create fearlessly with world class creative content. It’s a win-win scenario that will empower all musicians to create more and better music.

But Splice isn’t just about artist-to-artist marketplaces. It’s about our community, which has grown to over 1 million musicians globally. Our community has been, and will always be, at the heart of our success. We feel lucky to be creating a home for you.

We also announced today that we’ve closed $35 million in funding, to lead a culture shift in music toward openness. The funding is exciting because it’s a signal from the investment community that the musicians’ perspective matters and that the future of music creation and collaboration is bright. It’s an investment not just in Splice, but also in you. With the new funding, we’ll expand your access to world class gear and top notch creative content; innovate to improve your workflow; explore new ways to leverage technology to accelerate your creativity; and we will continue to build on the foundation we’ve laid out to connect you with each other to ensure you are always creating, learning and supporting one another. As important as what we will do, is what we won’t do: we won’t stop listening to you, learning from you, and advocating for you.

Feeling excited? We are, too. And it’s only the beginning.

Steve Martocci & Matt Aimonetti
Co-founders of Splice


December 14, 2017