Learn with Kenny Beats, Splice’s first-ever Artist in Residence

“I make music for fun,” Kenny Beats tells us.

“I make music because I want to play it for the people around me, and I want to make things that people connect to with my art. My whole career, all of my success, everything in the music industry that has worked well for me—I can attribute to relationships. It’s been how I’ve met people, how I’ve interacted with those people, how I’ve learned from them, and how I’ve collaborated with them.”

Kenny Beats is the most sought-after producer of his generation, a rap therapist, the king of The Cave, and our first-ever Artist in Residence for Splice Skills. Above, get a glimpse into Kenny’s series of in-depth lessons with us, where he pulls back the curtain on everything spanning inspiration, collaboration, engineering, vocal processing, sampling, business, and more. From the emotional aspects of being an artist to the technical abilities that need to be mastered, Kenny’s Skills residence is an insider’s feast.

Coach Kenny is in the building, and class is in session. Don’t be late.

Check out Kenny Beats’ videos on inspiration and fanning the creative flames today. New lessons dropping weekly.

October 13, 2021