Tisoki "The Sounds U Need!" Sample Pack

from Splice

Tisoki is a producer from the UK whose prominence in the electronic music scene has been proven by his impressive catalog of dance floor anthems and melody-driven songs. Sampling his taste from a selection of different styles, Tisoki’s pallet has led to creations that exercise his prowess in dubstep and other bass-heavy genres, while also indulging in a more eclectic variety of music.

With several packs on Splice, Tisoki presents his personal, custom Serum presets featuring loads of bass loops from aggressive to mellow, crunchy to deep, classic to brostep, and beyond. Plus, leads, FX, percussion, and chord progressions. He also included MIDI clips emanating his signature sound.

Tisoki "The Sounds U Need!" Sample Pack

from Splice

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LD Flute Guitar [TISOKI].fxp
dubstep edm leads synth
CH Supersaw Violin [TISOKI].fxp
chords dubstep edm synth
BS Crunchy Riddim Wob [TISOKI].fxp
bass dirty dubstep edm synth
CH FM Music Box [TISOKI].fxp
chords dubstep edm fm synth
BS Supersaw Neuro Reese [TISOKI].fxp
bass dubstep edm neuro reese synth
LD Old Skool Grime Pluck [TISOKI].fxp
dubstep edm leads plucks synth
CH 80s Bell Pluck [TISOKI].fxp
chords dubstep edm plucks synth
CH Rave Stab Deluxe [TISOKI].fxp
chords dubstep edm stabs synth
LD Simple Lofi Lead [TISOKI].fxp
dubstep edm leads synth
BS Deep Bass Pluck [TISOKI].fxp
bass dubstep edm plucks synth

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