Splice Spotlight: Featured Ableton Live, Logic X and FL Studio Community Projects – 11/28/14

In this series, we highlight some of our favorite tracks from Splice users each week. Listen to the tracks below and view the expanded DNA Player to check out the arrangement, samples and plugins used in each session. Sign up for Splice to download these projects. create your own version and collaborate with producers around the globe.

Always on the Run (Remix) – Produced in Ableton Live by DJ Octo

This heavy hitting rock-infused track from DJ Octo incorporates chopped up guitar samples and vocal edits layered with a great lead synth to glue everything together. Explore this project in Ableton Live and splice it to learn how it was created.

Singularity (Remix) – Produced in Logic X by Lonemoon

This well-produced track features great vocal editing from the original song to create new melodic phrases. If you are a Logic user, try opening this project to learn how you might want to approach this technique. The song also features some impressive synth programming as well!

Chill Trap – Spliced from Lurker’s Project – Produced in FL Studio by Surgen

This featured song from Surgen is a remix of an original track on Splice by Lurker. You can check out both tracks below to hear what changed and splice them to create your own version. The remix track features some great arpeggiated synths and drum programming techniques. The original version is a good place to start as well, with an impressive overall mix and epic synth layers.

November 28, 2014