iZotope Ozone 10 Advanced

Ozone 10 Advanced

Achieving a professional master has never been faster than with Ozone 10. Deliver superior sounding releases with the world’s most advanced and innovative mastering suite.


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Compatible with macOS and Windows. All plug-in formats are 64-bit only.
Available as AU, VST3, and AAX. VST2 is no longer supported for Ozone 10.

Match top masters

Use the updated Master Assistant to quickly match the tone, dynamics, and width of chart-topping hits or your favorite reference. An updated Assistant View makes it faster than ever to customize your starting point, and the new Tonal Balance curve makes metering easy.


Mastering that works for you

Build a full mastering chain in Ozone or just load what you need. Ozone 10 comes stocked with 16 powerful tools—including four with some Vintage vibes—and each can load as its own plugin to save on CPU usage.


Automatic clarity

Ozone's new Stabilizer module is an adaptive EQ, reacting to incoming audio. Dynamically give your mix a clear and natural tone, carve away harshness, and smooth transients so your masters sound great on all systems. Plus hear exactly what you're changing with Delta monitoring.


Add musical movement

Enhance the rhythm and feel of your tracks with the new Impact module. Breathe life into your mix across four frequency bands, adding punch and dynamic space, or gluing things together for a thicker sound. Plus access the same Delta monitoring as in Stabilizer.


Rebalance in real-time

Solve mix balance issues without needing to go back to the original stems. Master Rebalance allows you to tweak and automate the levels of vocals, bass, or drums in a stereo file in real-time.


Zoom in...

Boost loudness without losing fidelity with the new Magnify Soft Clip, found in the Maximizer module. Bring your track forward and amplify the Maximizer’s IRC algorithms, used on countless hit records.


Define your low end

Get a hard-hitting master every time by adjusting the contrast between punchy and sustained sounds in your low end. Low End Focus lets you make some space in the lows or give them some glue, your choice.


Get more from mono

Reduce width without losing the sides. The new Recover Sides feature in the Imager preserves stereo information in mono to maintain depth and power when narrowing problem frequencies like a wide bass.

Product Information
  • Achieving a professional master has never been faster or more personalized than with Ozone 10. Balance and smooth with the new Stabilizer Module, or add punch and glue with the new Impact Module for sophisticated sonic improvements. Match the sound of chart-topping hits or your favorite reference files with the new Master Assistant, as groundbreaking technology and an improved UI keep you in your flow. Dive deep into details, adjusting loudness with the new Magnify Soft Clip or improving mono with the new Recover Sides.
  • What's included:

    • - New! Stabilizer Module: Sculpt a balanced sound with the new Stabilizer Module, an adaptive mastering EQ.
    • - New! Impact Module: Enhance the rhythm and feel of your music by intuitively controlling microdynamics.
    • - Improved! Master Assistant: Effortlessly achieve the sound of chart-topping hits or your favorite reference file using groundbreaking matching technology for tone, dynamics and width.
    • - New! Magnify Soft Clipper (in Maximizer Module): Boost loudness while maintaining the highest fidelity audio with the new Magnify Soft Clip.
    • - New! Recover Sides (in Imager Module): Reduce width, without losing the sides.
    • - New! Assistant View UI: The Master Assistant lands you on the new Assistant View, your intelligent control center for fast, personalized results.
    • - Improved performance: Ozone 10 is now compatible with Apple silicon native chips for faster processing.
    • - Master Rebalance: Adjust the levels of vocals and other instruments in a stereo audio file, letting you solve balance issues without needing the original stems.
    • - Low End Focus: Quickly adjust the contrast and definition of your low frequencies and get a hard hitting master every time.
    • - Vintage Modules: Use our colorful collection of Vintage modules to add warmth, grit, and vibe to your music, available as both modules and component plugins.
    • - Native Instruments NKS Support: NKS support puts Ozone directly into your creative production process. Easily access controls, presets and DSP from within your NKS supported environment.
    • - Tonal Balance Control: Meter while you mix to shape balanced levels based on tens-of-thousands of professional mixes.
    • - See the full features list on iZotope's website here.
System Requirements
  • For the most up-to-date system requirements and host compatibility details, please visit the manufacturer's website.
  • Mac: macOS Catalina (10.15.7) — macOS Monterey (12.5.x)*
  • *AU/macOS supported on Intel Macs & Apple silicon Macs, in Rosetta 2 and native
  • Windows: Windows 10 — Windows 11
  • AAX, AU, VST3. All plug-in formats are 64-bit only.
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