Tommie Sunshine & Kandy Contest Winner Announced – Listen to Their Favorite Tracks!

This is a guest post from Tommie Sunshine & Kandy announcing the winner of the “The Drop” contest for a feature on Brooklyn Fire Records. Thanks to everyone who participated! Find the original contest page here

“We wanted to thank all of you for participating. There were some really cool submissions. We asked you to impress us and you did! We listened to every submission that came in and there were many that really stood out as great, original work. We’re excited to finish the collaboration with the winner and release the track on Brooklyn Fire. Stay tuned for more opportunities like this. It’s important to us to allow for new generations of producers to have their music heard and we were excited to work with Splice in order to make this collaborative contest possible. Here, the winner’s track  is featured along with some others that really stood out among the crowd.” – Tommie

tommie sunshine splice

Listen to the winner’s remix here:

“Although there were many great submissions, the one that resonated with us the most was Faethom’s version. The Garage-ish bassline just works so well and the vibe of the track fits where Brooklyn Fire is headed. We’re looking forward to finishing this collaboration and releasing the track. Nice work!”

Runners up:

“This version by The Vandal Squad makes great use of that vocal sample. We also really like the retro organ sound too!”

“The Hasson Bro’s version stood out to us as soon as we started playing it. It has a really similar direction as our original but more dirty and distorted (in a good way!). This might be the 4am version of the track.

“This version is really great! It almost sounds like a dub mix of the track. We really like the a lot of the breakdowns and all the space that was left in the mix by not overcrowding it. For DJs, this one will work really well to do a long blend.”

“Jsmall’s version of the track is really good! The vocal sample and edits really made the track along with the lead bass stab sound. Really good job with this one!”

July 1, 2015