The next 23 sounds of 2023

There’s a saying that goes, “The only way to predict the future is to create it.”

We wanted to try predicting the sound of 2023 in music—so who better to ask than those creating it? We sat down with several team members at Splice across our Sounds content, production, and engineering teams (and more) to hear their takes on what the sound of 2023 will be.

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The industrial age

“I think 2023 will be a bit more industrial. In general, I think it will incorporate more sounds that dominated during the ’80s—industrial, new wave, house, etc. I think techno might have more of a mainstream moment (if S22 F/W fashion show soundtracks are any indication), but the vibe will still feel a bit lighter or campier than 2022. Beyoncé’s Donna Summer / Giorgio Moroder reference on Renaissance is another good hint towards ’80s sounds coming back into style.” —Madeline Higgins, Senior Frontend Engineer

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Out of left field and a bit harsh

“From what I’m hearing in clubs and among friends, I think we’re just scratching the surface of the warped / machine / harsh analog sound prevalent in hyperpop, techno, industrial, and left-field club music.”—Jordan Welner, Artist Partnerships Manager

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Hardware will go hard

“I’m hearing a lot of techno, club, and dancehall music grounded in modular drums; I think we’re definitely seeing a wave of producers embracing hardware-oriented workflows and analog sounds.”—Ayesha Chugh, Senior Manager – Creator Relations

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Breakbeats having a breakthrough

“Drum & bass got some renewed attention in 2020 through artists like PinkPantheress, and I’d love to see things taken even further. Here’s to more breaks in the new year!”—Matteo Malinverno, Director – Catalog

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Psytrance gets a chance

“I think psytrance sounds may be a trend, and across multiple subgenres, too. The genre is great on its own, and psytrance-inspired drops have been a theme in future bass and melodic dubstep for a while, with artists like Seven Lions (and his psytrance concept project Abraxis), Blastoyz, etc. We’re also seeing a lot of psytrance in subgenres like hardwave.”—Morgan Dedmon, Engineering Manager

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Emo never dies

“I think 2023 is going to sound more metallic, frenzied, emo, and haunted, all at the same time.”—Dani DiCiaccio, VP of Content

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Ya like jazz?

“We will continue to see the growth and resurgence in the presence of live instrumentation and jazz, especially with moments like Jon Batiste’s 2022 Record of the Year GRAMMY win, and now having Samara Joy up for Best New Artist in 2023.”—Matthew Block, Head of Music Production

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New year, new sounds

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January 1, 2023