A unified mobile experience: An update from our CEO

Great ideas should never be confined by time or space, and today, Splice is delivering a supercharged Splice Mobile experience that allows you to find sounds and work on ideas wherever you are.

We are also proud to launch this experience in partnership with Terrace Martin (Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, the Game, Busta Rhymes, Stevie Wonder, Raphael Saadiq). Terrace previewed the mobile experience with us, and his feedback was incredible. Technology only reaches its full powers in the hands of creators, and watching him use these sounds and the updated technology has been a highlight of my time at Splice—I cannot wait for you all to experience these updates.

In parallel with our technical advancement, Splice is also continuing to react to trends we see across creator culture. Jazz’s influence remains high around the world, with Splice seeing over one million individual searches for jazz in 2023. Our newest label we launched is Signature, a new jazz sample label that brings timeless sounds to modern creators and is available exclusively on Splice. Led by sample producer John McNeill from our Soul Surplus family, Signature brings us sounds inspired by the history of jazz, performed by some of the greatest modern players. You can learn more about Signature, the sounds, and the work the team has done to bring these beautiful sounds to life here.

But let’s dig deeper into Splice Mobile. This is a huge milestone for Splice, as we continue to improve workflow for our customers; the experience now mirrors splice.com, meaning you can browse, audition, and create using the full Splice catalog from your mobile device.

Create on the move

Combining human-made sounds with powerful technology is what sets Splice apart. With Splice Mobile, we want to ensure that inspiration is always in reach, so you can capture your creativity whenever it strikes. Whether you’re in the studio, on the train, or maybe even at work, Splice Mobile is there to capture and organize your creativity so that your ideas stay with you wherever you are.

Key features of Splice Mobile Include:

  • Browse, audition, and create using the full Splice catalog from your mobile device
  • Curate sounds into Collections for mobile moodboards
  • Choose a genre and add, swap, and delete up to eight instrumental layers
  • Share links to Stacks you love with friends, followers, or collaborators
  • Fine tune your mix with volume and BPM controls
  • Easily save, share, and export sounds to work on in any DAW, or collaborate with friends
  • Save Stacks and pick up where you left off on mobile or desktop

Let us know what you think

Have thoughts about where to take Splice’s mobile experience from here? Tap the “Give Feedback” button on the profile screen and share your ideas with us. Want to tap into Splice’s creative community? Join thousands of other music producers on the Splice Discord, where you can also sign up for our beta program to get access to new features.

March 6, 2024

Kakul Srivastava Kakul Srivastava is the CEO of Splice and an award-winning entrepreneur whose mission is building companies that empower creators, grow communities, and create great customer experiences.