Want To Make A Hit Record From Your Bedroom?

Splice has closed a $55 million Series D funding round led by Goldman Sachs Growth with an additional investment from MUSIC, a joint venture between Matt Pincus and Liontree – these companies join USV, True Ventures, DFJ Growth, and Flybridge as investors in Splice.

Stephen Kerns, a VP with Goldman Sachs’ GS Growth, says: “The music creation process is going through a digital transformation. Artists are flocking to solutions that offer a user-friendly, collaborative, and affordable platform for music creation. With 4 million users, Splice is at the forefront of this transformation and is beloved by the creator community. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Steve Martocci and his team at Splice.”

“We’ve got a big year ahead of us and this investment will propel Splice’s vision to provide the essential content, tools, and inspiration that audio creatives are looking for; we look forward to working closely with our new partners,” adds Splice CEO, Steve Martocci.

The funding news comes on the heels of Splice’s recent acquisitions of music-tech companies Audiaire and Superpowered, creating more ways to improve and inspire the audio and music-making process. Splice is also pleased to announce that Kakul Srivastava has joined the company’s board. An accomplished tech executive who currently serves as the VP of Adobe Creative Cloud Experience & Engagement, Srivastava says of her new Splice appointment: “I see a lot of similarities between Github and what’s happening at Splice. Splice is fast becoming the largest collaboration platform for people who make music, whether they are a GRAMMY award-winning musician or my daughter who wants to make a great Twitch stream for her followers. Access to tools, content, and community, all of which Splice provides, are the building blocks for creativity and driving the next generation of creators.”

New creators and their sounds are getting discovered all the time on Splice, which MUSIC’s Matt Pincus says is the competitive advantage. “Splice is where tomorrow’s artist finds what they need to make their next track. It’s A&R at scale for creators – where artists, songwriters, producers, and film and TV composers reviewed 400 million samples and sounds just last month. From the kid in his bedroom to breaking artists like Fousheé and Shane Codd to superstars like Justin Bieber, Splice is where musicians get the sounds, tools, and network that allow them to make their best music. There’s lots of talk these days about the explosion of developing artists coming out of nowhere in the 2.0 streaming area. The thing is, they are coming out of Splice.”

February 22, 2021