Now you can share your Stacks: Swap musical ideas and collaborate with fellow creators

Illustration: Filip Fröhlich

Making Stacks using Splice’s Create mode is an inspirational way to start musical ideas.

Over the past year, we’ve rolled out Create mode across the whole of Splice, and now you can find your spark in seconds, wherever you are: on our website, using Splice Desktop, and on the new Splice Mobile app. The latest update to Create mode provides the ability to share a link to any of your Stacks from web, desktop, or our mobile app. Check out an example of a shared Stack.

Collaborate on musical ideas remotely

Thanks to Stack sharing, you can share your ideas with musical peers and collaborators, so they can make their own versions, remix your ideas, and develop new musical sections. The best part is that you can access shared Stacks on web, desktop, and mobile, whether you’re on the road or in the lab.

Share songwriting inspiration with fellow musicians

Stacks can be shared by tapping the share button on your Stack. If you’re on mobile, use your device’s regular share options to send on using messaging apps. If you’re on the web or the Splice Desktop app, click the share button, copy your unique URL, and send it to your fellow creators.

0324-Stack-Sharing-Inline-image (2)

Create and share musical ideas from your phone

You can also make Stacks from your phone with Splice Mobile, which is available on iOS and Android. You can even create ideas without a subscription, tap the Create button in the app to make a Stack, and then save it to reveal the share button.

No subscription needed—anyone can play a shared Splice Stack

Anyone can play, tweak, and remix a shared Stack. New versions can be saved by registering for a free account, and Splice subscribers can export the Stack in a variety of formats, including Ableton Live, stems, or a stereo mix (.wav). Find out which Splice subscription works for you.

We’re listening, so give us your feedback

On our journey of constant improvement, we’re committed to listening to the feedback you give us about our products and features. Tap ‘Give Feedback’ from Create mode, and let us know your thoughts—your ideas might help shape a future product feature.

March 19, 2024