8 transgender music producers who are making waves with their sounds in 2023

Whether it’s laid-back bedroom pop or high-energy EDM anthems, these music producers are crafting the sounds of today and tomorrow.

In celebration of International Transgender Day of Visibility, we wanted to highlight the following creators who are making waves with their music. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, we hope their sounds inspire you in your own creative journey.

1. Tracey Brakes

Tracy Brakes is a producer who has made a name for herself with her unique sound design and boundary-pushing music. Her sound combines elements of hyperpop, techno, and experimental electronic music, and has influenced multiple offshoots in the hyperpop scene.

Brakes recently sat down with us to share five invaluable sound design tips that she learned from using Xfer Record’s Serum. With a desire to inspire people to make whatever they want, no matter how beautiful or grotesque, Tracy Brakes is a true innovator in the world of music production.

2. Jane Remover

Inspired equally by video game soundtracks and indie rock, Jane Remover is at just the beginning of her career as a truly enigmatic singer-songwriter. Her breakthrough LP Frailty, which received critical acclaim and an 8.0 rating from Pitchfork, has taken her unique sound to new heights.

With her eclectic blend of bedroom production and honest lyricism, Jane Remover has been making waves in the music industry at just 19 years old.

3. food house

Food house is a frenetic internet supergroup composed of Fraxiom and gupi. Their smash hit “Thos Moser” gained widespread popularity and showcased their eclectic sound, filled with pop culture references and obscure inside jokes. Simultaneously, it resonated much deeper than its surface-level silliness through gupi’s dynamic instrumentation and Fraxiom’s earnest and unapologetic lyrics.

4. Petal Supply

Canadian producer, songwriter, and vocalist Petal Supply has gained rapid momentum in the experimental pop world. After only a handful of releases, she’s making waves with her signature bouncy sound design, which incorporates elements of trance and hardstyle in a pitched, melodic pop context.

Her single “1,” produced alongside umru, Himera, and trndytrndy, ranked #22 on NPR’s Top 100 Songs of 2021.

5. underscores

Devon Karpf has been making music under the moniker of underscores since middle school, building a dedicated following within online bass music circles. The release of her sophomore album fishmonger in 2021 marked her first foray into incorporating guitars into her music, showcasing a fresh new sound in pop music.

This breakout success led to underscores opening for the iconic electronic duo 100 gecs on their tour later that year, cementing her status as an up-and-coming voice in the music scene.

6. whoTF

After meeting in Chicago in 2021, duo Folie and Forget Basement sparked a creative collaboration and formed whoTF. Folie is known for her pop experimentalism and hyper-loud expression, and Forget Basement’s expansive body of work traverses musical landscapes from art-pop peaks to dark industrial wastelands.

Together, their sound is aptly described as “whimsically intense” by the Chicago Reader.


A multi-talented artist, producer, and DJ from Glasgow, Scotland, KAVARI has made a mark in the underground music scene with her unique style that blends industrial, ambient, club, and pop into a twisted sound. Nominated for “Best Electronic Artist” at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards in 2021, KAVARI has performed at some of the most popular venues across Scotland, earning a reputation as one of the country’s rising stars.

8. galen tipton

Also known by her alias “recovery girl,” galen tipton has gained recognition from industry heavyweights such as Iggy Pop and David Byrne. Her recent “brain scratch” sound has gone viral on TikTok, showcasing her talent for creating hyper-stimulating blends of ASMR, IDM, and ambient sounds.

Galen tipton has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, from experimental music giants like Giant Claw and Holly Waxwing to underground pop icons like Lil Mariko and GFOTY.

Honorable mention: SOPHIE

SOPHIE was seriously something else. A prodigious producer, SOPHIE had a knack for creating experimental soundscapes that were totally mind-blowing. As a fearless gender non-conforming artist, SOPHIE inspired so many fans and fellow musicians alike. Self-described as “hyper-kinetic,” SOPHIE truly pushed the boundaries of what pop music could be.

Although SOPHIE’s untimely passing in 2021 was a devastating loss, SOPHIE’s legacy as a visionary in the music industry lives on through iconic collaborations with the likes of Madonna, Vince Stapes, and Charli XCX.

Incorporate the sounds into your own productions

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March 31, 2023

Arundhati Swaminathan Arundhati Swaminathan is a New York-based singer, content strategist, active TV watcher, and social media scroller who is currently working as a Social Media Strategist at Splice.