Get help with your mixes on the Splice Discord

Got a track you feel great about, but want some help taking the mix to the next level?

Join the Splice Discord to participate in Mixdown Mondays, where you can submit your project stems and watch a section of your song get mixed live by a professional mixing engineer. Other members of the community will also be watching along via a stream right within the platform, and a live breakdown and Q&A will take place so you can learn ways to level up your skills, even if someone else’s track is being worked on.

The next Mixdown Monday will be taking place at 3:00 p.m. EST on Monday, October 24th, 2022. Here’s how you can participate:

1. Export stems from your DAW. We’re looking for a maximum of 30 stems in .wav format (32-bit float if possible), at the same sample rate as your project. Not sure how to do this? Ask for help in the #production-chat channel!

2. Label your stems with clear, basic names. You can do this ahead of time within your DAW, or on the stems after exporting your track. Here are some examples: kick, synth pad, guitar loop, vocal 1, vocal 2, etc.

3. Bounce your rough mix. Then, compress all of the files in a single .zip folder.

4. Name the .zip with your Discord tag and the track title. Then, upload it to this Google Drive folder.

On the day of, you can join us in the Weekly Events VC in our server. If you can’t participate this time around, don’t worry—we’ll be doing more Mixdown Mondays in the future. Join our Discord and keep an eye on the #community-chat to hear about the next opportunity.

We hope to see you there!

Join the Splice Discord to engage with a community of other music creators, participate in producer-led beat battles, and hear exclusive interviews:

October 21, 2022