Announcing the Splice Creator Class

As an aspiring producer who enjoyed making my own sounds, I never thought that other musicians would want to use these sounds too.

I grew to learn that not only did I enjoy creating and sharing samples, but that it could support me to leave my day job and pursue music as a career. However, it took a long time to learn what ‘good quality’ sounds really meant, and to learn how to share the types of sounds I wanted to create, rather than conforming to an outmoded industry.

There are more opportunities than ever before for aspiring musicians and creators to support their own journey towards a full-time creative career. Through open access to education and information, artists are learning production skills, marketing, and branding, and are gaining more control over their own route into a modern music industry. Sharing sounds and ‘sample packs’ is not a new idea, but through Splice Sounds and its community, artists and creators are now able to proudly share sounds that directly represent their music and tastes, make revenue fairly, and even build careers through the success of their projects.

The Splice Creator Class aims to begin to take the mystery out of the “how do I start?” question. Starting with a small group of promising local creators, we aim to work closely with them to provide access to information from leading sound designers, mentorship from industry veterans, financial assistance, and an opportunity to foster their raw talent into skills that provide tangible support for the next steps in their chosen career. We hope to learn what helps these creators grow so that we can continue to share this to the wider creator community.

I believe that if you have the talent and willingness to learn and improve, there are endless paths to your success in music. If a creative person is able to take small steps to support their passion through something they made, this can be the key that provides validation and the belief that they’re on the right track. Musicians supporting other musicians to continue down a shared path.

-Capsun, Creative Director of the Splice Creator Initiative

Learn more about ways to get involved with the Splice Creator Initiative and how to apply for the Creator Class here.

February 19, 2019

Capsun Capsun is a producer, songwriter, and sound creator known for creating original samples and compositions. He is also the creative director of Capsun ProAudio, 91Vocals, and the Splice Creator Initiative.