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Featuring all 10 of their creative and modern effects and instruments, Baby Audio's Industry Pro bundle offers tons of new ways to transform your sound and add color, depth, and impact to your productions and mixes.


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Compatible with macOS and Windows.
Available as AU, VST, VST3, and AAX.

Creative transition with Transit

Transit simplifies complex creative transition down to just one plugin. It hosts 18 powerful effect-modules, freely loadable across 7 slots. All effect parameters can be linked to a global Macro Control, which you automate to create complex FX transitions with one knob movement. The result: More engaging, less static, mixes.

Playful synthesis with BA-1

BA-1 is a modern re-imagination of a cultish 1982 analog synth that looked like a toy but sounded like a beast. BA-1 brings pure and authentic textures that are fast to program and dripping with color. You can also drain the battery, bend the circuits, and use the built-in speaker for authentic lo-fi aesthetics that you could normally only get with hardware.

Lush reverb with Crystalline

A next-generation algorithmic reverb, combining previously unreachable power and all the bells and whistles that a modern producer needs. Crystalline supplies all the tools you'd expect in a reverb plugin, plus additional quality-of-life features for fast use and more musical results.

Punchy compression with IHNY-2

IHNY-2 is an evolution of Baby Audio's very first plugin, I Heart NY. In addition to being one of the industry’s hardest hitting compressors, IHNY-2 is designed to streamline the often-tedious process of parallel compression, while still offering full surgical control.

Crispy saturation with TAIP

TAIP brings the true sound and behavior of analog tape into your DAW, allowing you to add organic saturation and life to sterile drums, instruments, and vocals. TAIP comes innovative sound-design parameters that let you go from just ‘tape’ to ‘beyond tape’ in moments.

Cleaner mixes with Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator combines the benefits of Resonance Suppression, Spectral Compression, and Equalization into one, smart workflow. Use the plugin to creatively sculpt your tonal balance while the algorithm automatically eliminates harsh resonances and muddy frequency areas.

Dreamy effects with Spaced Out

Spaced Out unites delay, reverb, and modulation into a singular “wet-fx powerhouse” with a contemporary and dreamy sound. It hosts more than 50 individual effects under the hood–all designed to compliment each other and blend together for the wet effect that you're looking for.

Retro vibes with Super VHS

Let your mixes party like it’s 1985. Super VHS combines six colorful effects to bring an authentic 1980s retro vibe to your tracks. Add lo-fi authenticity to whatever clean sound you run through it—especially as you mix and match the effects.

Extra spank with Parallel Aggressor

Add parallel saturation and compression with one plugin. “Spank” offers a heavily compressed duplicate of your original track. “Heat” offers a heavily saturated duplicate. “Dry” is your clean audio. Balance and mix the three to add impact and punch without losing dynamics.

Unique delays with Comeback Kid

Comeback Kid is a creative and versatile delay plugin that lets you sculpt, shape, and transform your wet signal. Use it to add unique and beautiful delay colors to your mixes, from subtle reflections to hypnotic echoes.

Product Information
  • From hard-hitting compressors to state-of-the-art reverbs to playful and legendary synths, the Baby Audio Industry Pro bundle gives you new ways to add color, depth, and impact to your tracks. Start your Splice Rent-to-Own plan to access all 9 of these innovative tools for one low monthly cost.
  • What's included:

    • - Transit
    • - BA-1
    • - Crystalline
    • - IHNY-2
    • - TAIP
    • - Smooth Operator
    • - Spaced Out
    • - Super VHS
    • - Parallel Aggressor
    • - Comeback Kid
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