New Features on Splice Sounds

At Splice, we take pride in incorporating user feedback and implement new features that will greatly help the music production workflow experience. Thus, we are happy to announce batch downloading, shift-select, and a new Sounds Plan for all our users!


With Download All, you will be able to download all the samples available in any sample pack or repack on our platform. For example, if you would like to download all samples from the Sounds of KSHMR Vol.1 pack, just click on the download all button and you’ll be prompted to confirm your choice. Bear in mind, if a sample pack has 100 credits, you would need at least 100 credits in your account balance to download the pack.

Another highly requested feature is the ability to select multiple samples at one go. We took that into consideration and have introduced shift-click selection. Now, you can hold shift between two samples and select a range of samples in between them! More samples in less clicks!


Another feature we rolled out is Splice Sounds 600 credit plan for just $21.99 a month. Current sounds users on the 100 or 300 plan can choose to upgrade their plan here! If you do not have enough credits to download a full sample pack, the 600 plan may be the plan for you!

Take your music further with the new plugins, fresh sounds, and more available in the Splice Creator plan:

November 25, 2015

Reuben Raman Product Marketing Manager at Splice