Start one more song this year | Songwriting Club

At long last, 2020 is coming to an end.

Some of us found more time than ever to write music this year, while some of us weren’t able to dedicate time to our craft as we did in previous years – and both (and everything in between) are totally okay. Regardless of where you’re coming from, for our final Songwriting Club prompt of 2020, we wanted to provide you an open opportunity to revisit any prompt you might have missed to start one last song this year.

Check out all of our Songwriting Club prompts listed in chronological order here, and see if there’s a particular prompt that piques your interest. You can then click into the article for more inspiration to get you started. Looking through these prompts ourselves, we were definitely surprised by just how many we got to share with you all this year, and some of them immediately conjured up new creative ideas that they didn’t necessarily spark at the time.

If you’re feeling proud of a tune you started from any prompt or you’re looking for some feedback, upload it to SoundCloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, etc., and toss the link in the comments below, along with the prompt that you selected! Before you share, just make sure you’re following these guidelines:

  1. Make sure your track aligns with the prompt – it should be something that you’ve specifically written in response to this blog post.
  2. No promotional posts – no links to contests, social media pages, etc.
  3. Comment on at least one other person’s song before you go – even if it seems small to you, your praise or critique can make a transformative impact on someone else’s craft.
  4. Give a quick summary of your goals for your song – asking for feedback on specific aspects (ex. the lyrics, chord progression, etc.) is also recommended!

Check back in for your next prompt in 2021. Thanks for another year of Songwriting Club – we’re looking forward to hearing what you create!

December 12, 2020