How Gospel music shaped Splice’s Sound Doctrine label

“Music is a universal language.”

“You can play a song, and go back to any era,” renowned drummer / producer Pudge Tribbett (Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder) tells us. “Songs have the ability to place you in an actual timeframe, as far as your mindset. The world may be crazy right now, but here’s something that can bring a level of stability and hope and peace to your life.”

Sound Doctrine is a new sample label on Splice Sounds that specializes in delivering the spirit and emotion of Gospel music in both vintage and contemporary styles. In the video above, Tribbett and other members of the Sound Doctrine team tell us about their experiences with Gospel music, the elements and aspects that make it unique, and what it means to create royalty-free Gospel samples for the music community.

Hear the sound, spirit, and emotions of Gospel music:

February 1, 2021