1st Go Lunch

Today we had our first Santa Monica Go Lunch. The concept is simple, we gather a few gophers around a table to share food and discuss Go related topics.

We had a nice group composed of folks from Pivotal Labs, CloudFoundry, HashiCorp and of course Splice. Since today was so much fun, we are going to run this event bi-weekly and try to stream it on Twitch.

Here are some notes and references for the attendees and curious out there.

  • Debugging go routines is hard
  • go-metrics monitor all the things
  • Goamz vs aws-sdk-go  – consensus is to use AWS’ official SDK even if not totally finished
  • Writing tests, is duplication ok, how about setup/teardown, 3rd party testing frameworks, testing go routines. (Katrina shared a cool trick to use wait groups to be able to tests async code in a sync way)
  • Writing documentation, go vet, go lint.
  • Table tests are awesome, use a description field to know what test is failing.
  • regex101 is the most amazing website to understand how regex operate.
  • multierrors  (package for representing a list of errors as a single error)
  • errwrap (package for wrapping and querying errors)


April 9, 2015

Matt Aimonetti Matt leads the technical teams as a co-founder of Splice.