Get your music into the hands of iconic pop trio MUNA

Photograph: Nathaniel Wood

MUNA is a renowned electro-pop trio consisting of members Naomi McPherson, Katie Gavin, and Josette Maskin.

The band’s catchy yet emotive sound has garnered them tens of millions of plays on streaming platforms and caught the attention of the likes of Harry Styles and Grouplove, who brought them on their respective tours.

MUNA recently dropped their “World Saving Sample Pack” on Splice, and to celebrate its release, producer and guitarist Naomi McPherson will be live on SpliceTV at 5:00 PM EST on Friday, May 22nd. While they’ll be discussing the pack, they’re also looking to hear and provide feedback on your creations.

For the opportunity to have Naomi listen to your work, create something original for MUNA and submit it to While it’s not a requirement, consider using their sounds or the Ableton project file they created (download it here and see how it came together below) as a starting point.

Please be sure to include a brief bio along with your submission, and let us know if you used MUNA’s samples or their project file. We look forward to hearing what you create!

Incorporate MUNA’s distinctive sounds into your own productions:

May 15, 2020