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Sounds of Roland: A Kakehashi tribute

    A tribute pack to Roland founder Ikutaro Kakehashi. From his legendary drum machines to MIDI itself, Kakehashi’s inventions have fundamentally shaped the landscape and language of popular and electronic. Explore his sonic legacy with this repack, which includes not only sounds from the iconic 808 and 909, but also samples from the lesser known 606 drum machine and pads from Roland’s Juno and Jupiter synthesizers. Also in the pack: the classic 303 bass synth sounds that started the Second Summer of Love in ‘89 and spawned the birth of acid house.

    Single-Origin Sounds

      An artisanal collection of small-batch, single-origin craft samples. This pack represents a pioneering step in sustainable sound sourcing, featuring bamboo snare samples made from locally-harvested bamboo shoots, certified vegan one-shots, and the world’s first USDA organic samples*. Free tote with download! Gluten free. Dairy free. 50% Vegan. April Fools. *None of these statements have been evaluated by anyone. Literally no one.

      SampleTools by Cr2 Showcase

        Get down with one of the most iconic labels in dance music for 0 credits!

        Nasty Woman

          We’re celebrating all those nasty women out there with a collection female vocal samples from some [email protected]$$ ladies. Featuring the powerful voices of Bright Lights, Lokka, Kate Wild, and more. Make a track that’ll break glass ceilings.

          Splice x Serum - 0 Credits

            Harness the power of Serum with exclusive presets from Pegboard Nerds, Mike Hawkins, Singular Sounds, SeamlessR and Multiplier.