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Capsun ProAudio

Featured Releases

Vox: Vocals & Chants

    A curated collection of our polished vocals, pitched hooks and unique hooks. Discover acapellas, vocal chants and topline ideas from vintage to future forward.

    Kick Kollection

      A curated collection of our favourite kick samples including thick stomps, power EDM kicks, vintage hip-hop thuds and machine drums. All sound designed and created in house by Capsun ProAudio.

      Slomo Melodies

        A curated collection of our hazey, faded and atmospheric melody loops and songstarters. A whirpool of pitched melodics, unique sound design and genre-bending soundscapes.

        Cold Water Keys

          A curated collection of melancholy pianos, soulful keys, cosy melodies and classic chord progressions. Perfect songstarters and inspirational layers.

          Perc Diggers

            A curated collection of recorded, collected and sound designed percussion one shots and loops. Everything from studio recorded live drums and rare instruments to complex foley based fx and hits.