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Martin Garrix's career-launching track "Animals" was built with Vandalism sounds, and he's not the only one. This famous label is known for the fact that some of the biggest names in the industry swear by their sounds, from Jay Hardway, to KSHMR, to R3hab, and many more.

Vandalism on Splice

LGND Media

We've all encountered packs chock full of uninspired vocal samples - the ones that refuse to venture outside of repeating "baby" and "woah" in one forgetable melody after another. You won't find any of those here. LGND Media's samples are full of heartfelt performances, notably from founder Laquan Green, whose Billboard-charting vocals span genres.

LGND Media on Splice


In a sample industry crowded with EDM and House-minded sounds, Anthology brings some breathtakingly beautiful acoustic samples. From world woodwinds to late-night-jazz horns, the sounds of Anthology are as real as they get.

Anthology packs are obvious go-tos for jazz, blues, cinematic and orchestral tracks, but could also add acoustic flavor to electronic-driven Pop, Dance, or Urban productions.

Anthology on Splice

Inspiration Sounds

There are many great anecdotes and adventures behind the packs in this label's collection, but none stands out more to founder Jan Franklin than the story behind the pack RAW DRUMS. “For Raw Drums, we wanted to deliver a collection of hip hop inspired drum loops recorded in a sonic environment never encountered before,” says Franklin. So Inspiration Sounds sent producer Michael Wasyl and Brandon Healy to record the pack in a studio built in an 18th Century barn.

Inspiration Sounds on Splice

Mainroom Warehouse

After establishing the successful “Trance Euphoria” sample label, Martin Wilkinson turned his attention to crafting sounds for other more mainstream genres.

“Every sample is crafted with one eye on the dancefloor and the other on the charts.”

Applying the sound design skills which Wilkinson honed through developing the Trance Euphoria brand, Mainroom Warehouse entered the market with a selection of soundsets for NI Massive and Sylenth. The label was an instant success and soon drafted in a slew of other production talents, crafting sample pack after sample pack for Trap, EDM, Progressive, Future House, and Techno producers.

Mainroom Warehouse on Splice

Pure EDM

EDM is blowing up all around the globe, and Pure EDM was created to serve its explosion. A dive into any of Pure EDM's packs makes it immediately clear that the label isn't messing around - their sounds are crafted to be played at the next large-scale festival.

“From floor-shaking basses to soaring electro funk leads, Pure EDM covers the full sonic spectrum of EDM.”

Whether you're looking to create massive drops or progressive trance textures, you'll be on your way to making your next hit in no time.

Pure EDM on Splice

Urban Elite

Urban Elite is all about quality over quantity, bringing you the cream of the crop from the world's top urban producers. Their minimal trap elements don't need to hide behind a crowded mix - each sample can hold its own, right in the spotlight.

“Their sounds have crossover potential but manage to stay faithful to the essence of the streets where urban music originates.”

Urban Elite on Splice

Baltic Audio

Perhaps the most standout part of the Baltic Audio collection are the label's guitar samples. The creators obsess over finding new and interesting guitar tones, and have a trusty axe they rely on for many of their packs.

“Most of the label's electric guitar samples were played on a '76 Fender Telecaster from the legendary Norman's Rare Guitars in Los Angeles.”

From radio-ready guitar chords to energetic Melbourne Bounce synths, Baltic Audio's collection is packed with quantity as well as quality.

Baltic Audio on Splice

Martin Sampleware

From the “Hit Guitars” series, which label founder Cat Martin recorded with her brother, a talented session player, to “Vintage Dialogue: Cinematic,” which involved painstakingly sampling dialogue from old public domain movies, Martin Sampleware is all about variety, experimentation, and filling in gaps in the market.

“I hope these sounds will find a way from my beat laboratory to yours.”

-Cat Martin, creator of Martin Sampleware

Martin Sampleware on Splice

Equinox Sounds

The name “Equinox Sounds” was inspired by “Equinoxe,” an album by the ambient electronic producer and pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre. But this sample library, founded in 2006 with the release of their first sample pack “Future Chill,” releases sounds for all kinds of genres, from ambient to trance, progressive, house, and more. “The past ten years have involved a huge amount of hard work and I have connected with so many talented people,” says founder Juan Sanchez. “Every day is an adventure and each year gets better and better.”

Equinox Sounds on Splice


As a young producer, BxO, the founder of Urbanistic, admits he "didn't even know how to play an instrument." Today, he has over a decade of experience in beat-making, recording, arranging, mixing, and mastering for many famous musicians around the globe. For Urbanistic, BxO crafts sounds for his packs by analyzing the Billboard charts and following what the hit makers are doing, from what instruments are popular to what drum patterns are trending.

Urbanistic on Splice

Trance Euphoria

Trance Euphoria, which originally began as a record label, morphed into a sound design company as the demand exploded for high quality sonic content. Trance Euphoria's catalog demonstrates both a respect for classic trance sounds as well as a keen outlook on progressive and future styles. The label's songstarters can give you a great start to your next track or add another dimension to your existing project.

Trance Euphoria on Splice

O! Samples

O! Samples reflects founder Rafal Tokarski's lifelong fascination with electronic music and his dreams of turning that passion into a way of life. The label, known for its construction kits and melodic samples, focuses on electro, house and progressive sample packs.

“I love to compose fresh stuff, my head is constantly full of melodic ideas.”

-Rafal Tokarski, founder of O! Samples

O! Samples on Splice

Big Citi Loops

When Big Citi Loops started in 2010, many of the producers and engineers who were working with the label didn't have a place to stay.

“Our producers rented cheap motels during the day so they could power their laptops to produce music, then slept in their cars at night.”

-Jamil King, founder of Big Citi Loops

The label found success by tackling genres that other sample labels weren't exploring from funk, to neo soul, to gospel. Soon, contributors to the label were producing tracks for record labels, TV shows, and artists. In the words of King: “Our greatest accomplishment isn't our success - it's the fact that we've been able to provide worthwhile careers for our producers and engineers by sharing their production talents with customers and clients across the world.”

Big Citi Loops on Splice


It starts with a mindless download of a pitched vocal sample. Then you find yourself downloading a liquid Dnb groove... followed by three future trap synths... You soon lose track. You're addicted to the polished, innovative sounds. You can't live without them. You've become a Loopoholic.

Loopoholics is founded by producers and sound engineers with over 15 years of experience in the music business. Find packs across genres such as R&B, house, hip hop, dupstep, drum & bass, chillout, and many more! Addiction may occur - explore at your own risk.

Loopoholics on Splice

Pulsed Records

Though Plused Records' catalog emphasizes pop production, the label's sound designer Plamen Marinov draws inspiration for his sound design process from foley and sounds for film. Although you may not realize it, on Pulsed Records' pop-oriented packs you'll hear everything from the sounds of smashing a whole cooked chicken with a sledghammer to the crash of a ton of building materials dropped from a forklift.

Pulsed Records on Splice

GT Sounds

GT Sounds' hard-hitting samples are made with state-of-the-art analog outboard gear, from recordings of power synths to Construction Kits inspired by the warm atmospheric style of the legendary OVO sound. GT Sounds will make sure your tracks have an impactful beat that cuts through the mix.

GT Sounds on Splice

King Loops

Whether you're working on a hot summer anthem or chill trap vibes, King Loops will give your track a royal swagger. All of the label's packs were made and edited using top-notch analog outboard gear and drum machines to create a warm and deep vintage sound.

King Loops on Splice

Kryptic Samples

Kryptic Samples is an innovative French label run by Kryptic, an established songwriter and pianist. The dark and melancholy atmospheres in his productions have been a staple of this talented musician's style for over 15 years. Inspired by big names in hip hop such as the legendary Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang Clan, and Killarmy, Kryptic aims to capture their emotions in his songs and loves to establish a brooding mood from the very first note.

Kryptic Samples on Splice

Producer Loops

We all know about Producer Loops - it's the world's largest distributor of sample packs, providing killer music loops, synthesizer sounds, and all the tools you need to build your own unique sound. Whether you're a producer, film composer, or advertising executive, Producer Loops has you more than covered.

“We open the door to fresh new talent by providing opportunities for dedicated producers to realize their goals.”

-Jan Franklin, founder of Producer Loops

Producer Loops on Splice