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Addictive Drums 2 - Splice Collection

A software drum production studio featuring professionally recorded acoustic drums, live rhythm performances, and high-quality built-in effects.


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Realistic drums, no studio necessary

Addictive Drums 2 is a software drum production studio for hyper-realistic recorded drum sounds. All sounds are recorded just as you would record a real drum kit, plus extensive layering—capturing everything from the softest to the hardest drum hit—and alternating samples provide realism, playability, and tons of variation.


Make your kit your own

In the Kit View, you can very easily craft the right kit for your specific track. Browse through any of the individual drums (called “Kitpieces”) in your collection, quickly link Kitpieces to play together, and create up to 4 snapshots of your entire Addictive Drums 2 setup for easy comparisons.

So much more than samples

On top of mix-and-matching individual drums to make your perfect kit, each Kitpiece can be fine-tuned in the Edit View. Specify how many samples that Addictive Drums can pick from on each hit (for a humanized feel), easily pitch your Kitpieces and apply pitch and volume envelopes, and apply a suite of FX like compression, distortion, EQ, tape saturation, transient shipping, noise, and more.


Design your own grooves

Addictive Drums 2 also includes a library of MIDI patterns to play with your kit (plus you can use your own MIDI files that you place in the External MIDI folder inside your AD2 folder). You can also use the Transform section to creatively tweak these grooves on-the-fly—watch this video to learn how.

Tweak your sound

There are tons of ways to tweak your sound in Addictive Drums 2, including specific controls for Kitpieces, FX for each channel, and even 2 Send FX to help glue your entire kit together, which can be edited from the FX panel. And if you’d prefer to process your drums differently, you can set any (or all) channels to external outputs, allowing you to process your drums in any way right in your DAW.

Modern Soul and R&B

For fat, warm, and organic drums, the Addictive Drums 2 - Splice Collection comes with the clean-sounding Modern Soul and R&B ADpak, stocked with big kicks, chunky snares, crisp toms, and smooth cymbals. A classic Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple kit recorded through a Neve 8068 console, this kit is packed with character and style.

Fairfax Vol. 2

For warm, punchy, old-school drum sounds, the Addictive Drums 2 - Splice Collection also comes with the well-rounded rums in the Fairfax Vol. 2 ADpak, a versatile kit for rock, folk, indie, and anything else. A near-mint-condition 1960s Gretsch “Round Badge” kit recorded in the legendary Sound City building, this unmistakably warm kit sounds great on anything.

Expandable Drum Ecosystem

You can add additional expansion packs to Addictive Drums 2 to fill out your collection with new Kitpieces, MIDI patterns, and more. If you're renting Addictive Drums 2 through Splice, simply reach out to XLN Audio support team at [] to unlock your ability to make additional expansion purchases on the XLN Audio store.

Product Information
  • Addictive Drums 2 is a virtual instrument that takes your drum productions to a new level.
  • Sounds—all sampled drum/cymbal sounds are recorded with a multichannel mic setup, just as you would record a real drum kit. Extensive layering, capturing everything from the softest to the hardest drum hit, combined with alternating samples throughout, provides the realism and playability your track deserves.
  • Additional ‘one shot’ drum samples in the form of Trig Kitpieces can be layered with the main samples to add an extra sonic dimension to your drum sounds.
  • Playback Settings & Effects—shape your sound by tweaking pitch, volume envelopes and sample selection. Then finish it off with the built in effects in AD2 - each channel has EQ, Compressor, Dist, Transient Shaper, Tape Saturation and more, as well as 2 send effects with reverb and delay.
  • Beats & Fills—a library of MIDI files in different styles, all easily accessible from within AD2 gives you the building blocks to create drum tracks quickly.
  • Features:

    • - Addictive Drums 2 base plugin
    • - ADpak: Modern Soul and R&B
    • - ADpak: Fairfax Vol. 2
    • - Contact XLN Audio support [] to unlock your ability to make additional expansion purchases on the XLN Audio store
    • - See the full features list on XLN Audio's website here
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