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Developed by renowned DJ Laidback Luke, Laidback Limiter is a multi-band pre-clipper and dual-stage brickwall limiter, perfect for maximizing the loudness of your tracks.


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Available as AU, VST2, VST3, and AAX.

Dual-stage brickwall limiting with a twist

One of the industry secrets of mastering engineers around the globe is the process of pre-clipping, pre-processing a track’s transients with a clipper or saturator to create headroom for the final brickwall limiting stage. The Laidback Limiter makes this process easy, integrating a unique multiband clipper with perfect auto-gain. Combined with the final brickwall limiter, this makes the Laidback Limiter the perfect plugin to maximize the loudness of your tracks.


Multiband clipping with perfect auto-gain

The Laidback Limiter features a unique multiband clipper with perfect auto-gain, letting you independently clip each of the four frequency bands with surgical precision, all while automatically retaining loudness and tonal balance. Plus, each clipper features an attack control to let transients through, a release control to smooth out the clipping distortion, and a stereo link control to shape the clipper’s behavior in the stereo field.


Loudness maximization

After pre-clipping, you can mix in the pre-clipped signal as it enters the maximize stage (the dry signal and clipped signal are perfectly phase-aligned internally to avoid any phase issues). You can then use the boost control to push your track into the plugin’s powerful brickwall limiter, increasing your track’s loudness. The maximize section offers lookahead, release, transients, knee, and ceiling controls to adjust the behavior of the brickwall limiter and reduce any limiting artifacts.


From Laidback Luke himself

'This plug-in has been my ultimate tool to work out my ideas and to be able to test them in my sets immediately. The multiband clipping feature is really helpful for trimming my master signal in specific areas only. With the Boost knob I can reach that extra volume, that often seems to be missing after my mastering process. With Boost, I’m assured of that professional loudness that I always seek.'

Product Information
  • The Laidback Limiter is a dual-stage brickwall limiter with a multiband pre-clipping stage. Developed by renowned DJ Laidback Luke, it’s an extremely powerful tool to maximize the loudness of your tracks.
  • What's included:

    • - Multiband pre-clipping with perfect auto-gain
    • - Clippers with transient preservation and smoothing
    • - Phase-aligned dry/wet mix for the multiband pre-clipping stage
    • - Loudness maximizer with auto-lookahead and auto-release
    • - Peak, LUFS, and gain reduction meters for precise visual feedback
    • - 1x / 2x / 4x oversampling to prevent aliasing
    • - Intuitive and easy-to-use GUI
    • - 23 presets, including Laidback Luke’s 'LBL Secret Sauce', 'Show Me Love', 'Leave The Wave Behind', 'Turbo-lence', 'Whistle', and 'Dirty Talk'
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