Audiaire Zone Synth


The polyphonic synth with a musical modulation matrix.


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Compatible with macOS and Windows.
Available as VST, AU, and AAX.

Parameter Sequencing

Zone’s unique parameter sequencer quickly brings movement and rhythm to your modulation and effects. Sequence your filter cutoff, your delay feedback, or whatever you like. Clock the sequences with your song’s BPM, or up to 27 divisions or multiplications of that clock for rhythmically related modulation patterns.

Lane Changers

Zone includes 100 global, unipolar, and bipolar modulation sequence presets, designed to give you a range of results. Start with one and tweak it to your liking, or use it to get ideas for your sound design and music.

Analogue-modeled Modulation

Zone’s modulation matrix has 8 slots and numerous analog-modeled sources, including exponential FM, ring modulation, amplitude modulation, distortion modulation, and more. Use the matrix to combine modulation types, invent textures, and discover new sounds.

590 Patches

Select any of Zone’s 590 included patches, made by professional sound designers and synthesists, to really see the full range of the synth. Or, start with a preset patch to quickly get something going, and focus on creation.

Product Information
  • About Audiaire:

    Audiaire is a new music creation startup established in 2018 by Sharooz Raoofi, founder of Sample Magic, Attack Magazine, and Sounds to Sample. A professional producer himself, Sharooz has garnered numerous accolades for his work with artists such as Moby, Robyn and Craig David, and his contributions to creator tools from Apple, Roland, Ableton, and Korg.

    What's Included:

    • - High-quality analog-modeled oscillators
    • - 151 oscillator types
    • - 590 presets made by some of the world’s leading sound designers
    • - Parameter sequencer with unlimited lanes
    • - 100 global, unipolar, and bipolar parameter sequencer lane presets
    • - 23 insert FX types, including delay, stereo width, chorus, compression, and more.
    • - Multiple LFO waveshapes
    • - Comb, notch, phaser, circuit-bent, and ‘acid’ filter types with up to 48dB/octave roll-off
    • - Modulation matrix with 8 slots and numerous sources
    • - Fully assignable macros for more control during performance
    • - Dynamic GUI with one-page editing for a fast and fluid workflow

    What others are saying:

    • "Lush sounding. Begs to be played. As warm as analogue" - DJ Mag 9/10
    • "Immense..powerful..versatile..terrific" - Computer Music 9/10 Editors Award
    • "A great tool for complex modulated sounds" - Beat Magazine 5/6
System Requirements
  • For the most up-to-date system requirements and host compatibility details, please visit the manufacturer's website
  • Mac OS X 10.9+ (64-bit only) 2GB RAM (8GB recommended)
  • Windows 7+ 2GB RAM (8GB recommended)
  • VST3, AU, or AAX compatible host software
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