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Toraverb 2

Reverb without constraints.


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Compatible with macOS and Windows.
Available as VST, AU, and AAX.

Design Any Room

Toraverb 2 was designed to deliver any kind of reverb you can imagine and then some. With access to every parameter, you can recreate any space you wish.

Realistic Spaces

With Toraverb’s advanced reverb engine, you can modulate the reverb tail, which better approximates how sound reflects in the real world.

Toraverb Modulation


Sculpt the tonal characteristics of your reverb and save on processing power with Toraverb 2’s spectacular dual built-in parametric EQs.

Toraverb EQ

Sidechaining at the Center

Toraverb 2 has its own built-in ducker, providing a quick and powerful way to dynamically duck your reverb without adding an extra compressor.

Toraverb Ducking
Product Information
  • Toraverb 2 is a reverb not based on any "off-the-shelf" algorithm. Toraverb is not any particular type of reverb like spring, room, hall or plate. Toraverb is a concept algorithm reverb. Using a set of easily accessible parameters, which allows the user to create practically ANY type of reverb. The only goal was to create a reverb which would sound pleasant to the listener with top quality implementation of diffusing network for achieving that goal. For convenient blending Early and Late reflections together the plug-in features balance parameters, for both reflection types, working in Left / Right or Mid / Side domains yet expanding palette of possibilities. Toraverb also includes a built-in ducker, which's compresses FX signal's amplitude proportionally to the loudness of dry / unprocessed input, thus saving an overall output signal energy. Such a tool built into the plug-in is a real time-saver for any music producer or studio engineer. No need to employ any additional side-chain compression unit into your fx chain and simplify this aspect of use to the minimum.
System Requirements
  • CPU with SSE extension
    200 Mb of Disk space
  • PC - Windows 7 or newer
    VST, AAX
    64 bit Only
  • Mac - macOS 10.9 or newer
    VST, AU, AAX
    32 and 64 bit
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