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A flexible and instantly expressive instrument that can turn any audio source into something totally new and unique, mixing the best parts of samplers, wavetable synths, and granular processors.


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Learn how to use Tomofon

Tomofon converts audio files into a large set of oscillating waves (called an “Audio Model”), which the synth engine can then seamlessly morph between. Get started with one of over 180 presets, or import your own audio files to create new Audio Models. Watch this overview video to learn how Tomofon can bring unique sounds to your next track.

How Audio Models work

This diagram shows how an Audio Model is made. After any audio file is imported into Tomofon (#1), each cycle in that sample gets extracted to a single wave (#2). Through this process, the sample audio is divided into hundreds of waves, resulting in one wavetable (#3). The Audio Model then maps this wavetable across a keyboard (#4), letting you “play” the waveform in an approach that can’t be easily replicated with samplers or wavetable synths.


Synthesis tools

The synth portion of Tomofon offers synthesis controls to fine-tune your sound even further. Fitted with a modulation matrix, dedicated envelopes to control the Gain, Depth, Pitch, and Filter tabs (including options to modulate those envelopes), on-board reverb and delay, and even some physical modeling emulations (the “Body” effect), Tomofon makes it easy to dial in your perfect patch.


Audio Model editor

Looking for even more control? Tomofon offers a Model Editor too, which you can use to get deeper when editing the Audio Models themselves. Zoom into each Pitch Zone to review how your sample audio is mapped across the keyboard, and apply the Normalize, Smooth, and Clean Up functions to ensure the smoothest possible transition between different waves.


Creating your own Audio Models

Tomofon opens up a whole new world of musical expression when you use it to manipulate and transform your own samples into playable instruments. Watch this video to see this in action, and learn to make new sounds like this yourself.

Product Information
  • Tomofon is a ground-breaking expressive audio synth. This virtual instrument introduces a new “Audio Model” format, capable of containing thousands of waves extracted from ordinary audio files. These waves—and how they’re structured—lay the ground for how Tomofon generates audio, resulting in a highly flexible and instantly expressive instrument. Whether you want to play around with the Audio Model Starter Pack (instruments & voices) and factory presets or import your own audio to shape your own unique soundscapes, it's fair to say that you are in for a creative journey.
  • Hear Tomofon in action in Klevgrand's audio examples here.
  • What's included:

    • - Wide selection of factory models and presets
    • - Integrated audio sample importer and Audio Model editor
    • - Pitch and (layer) depth envelopes that can be edited by the user
    • - Envelope times can separately be controlled via MIDI velocity
    • - Several LFOs (including Sample and Hold with randomness)
    • - Modulation matrix (2 x MIDI CC, Velocity and Keymap)
    • - Monophonic playback with separate glide times for pitch and velocity
    • - Polyphonic legato playback where started notes syncs envelopes with currently playing ones
    • - Up to 4 doubling voices with separate pitch, pan and level
    • - Filter with modulation possibilities
    • - Post Reverb, Delay and EQ
    • - (v1.1) Resizeable window
    • - (v1.2) MPE support (MIDI Polyphonic Expression)
    • - (v1.2) Physical 'body' simulations
    • - (v1.2) Different filter types (LP, HP, BP in both 12 and 24 db/oct)
    • - (v1.2) Custom tunings support (opens .tun files)
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