<p>Do you want to get together with your friends and family to play Minecraft or Minecraft: Java Edition? If so, you are going to need your own Minecraft server if you want the best gameplay possible. We believe our Minecraft hosting is the best there is. We combine a robust service offering, with exceptional customer support and keen pricing.</p><br/><p>By using our special Minecraft server hosting control panel, you can make your own Minecraft server and choose which version of the game you want to run. You have full control over this, you can switch as you see fit.</p><br/><p>Once you have chosen which version of Minecraft you want to run, you can then move onto configuring and modifying the game. We have many modpacks available to you, all completely free of charge and included in the cost of your Minecraft server. You can choose from popular modpacks such as SkyFactory, FTB Infinity Evolved, SavTech: Ages, Project Ozone 2, All the Mods 3, and many more. You will also find that you can install a number of different minigames that have all been preconfigured and are ready to play. This includes KitPVP, McMMO, Skywars, etc.</p><br/><p>You are also free to use the Forge to start packaging all of your favourite mods into a new modpack, or to manage any of the preconfigured modpacks. We support Pocketmine, Snapshots, PaperMC, Spigot, Bukkit, etc.</p><br/><p>You really do have free control over everything you do on your Minecraft server. We also include a free subdomain to make accessing your server easier. You will find that alongside the Minecraft server apps, you can also access standard server features such as MySQL databases, and FTP file access.</p><br/><p>As you can see, you have total freedom over the way that you set up your Minecraft server, and you can change this configuration however and whenever you wish. You can also contact our support department who can assist you with changes and configuration if you are struggling to get things working.</p><br/><p>Whether you are looking for a rock-solid Minecraft server to run the vanilla game on for some casual gaming with your family and friends, or you want to dig deep into customising Minecraft and creating modpacks, our service offering is perfect. All of this flexibility is backed up by our best in class customer support and help tools. No matter how you have configured your server our knowledgeable support staff will be able to solve your problems for you rapidly.</p> <a href="https://zonegauge9.werite.net/post/2022/06/22/10-Years,-10-Great-Games:-Xav-s-Picks">FELA'S BLOG</a>

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