There are many items that can be recycled and often we don't realise this. Even larger items such as cars can not only be recycled but can save us money. The Government's scappage scheme means that any old car over ten years old can be traded in for a huge discount on a brand new, more efficient vehicle.<br/><br/><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br/><br/>Scrap alloy has some positive effects. Firstly, it fulfills the huge demand of re-used metal. Besides, it favors the environment. Discarded metal helps in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and keeps the air and water clean. US Environmental Protection Agency has done research on discarded metal. From their point of view, by using scrap metal in place of virgin iron ore one can save at least 75% savings in energy, 90% savings in raw materials used, 86% reduction in air pollution, 40% reduction in water use, 76% reduction in water pollution and 97% reduction in mining wastes. Surprisingly, each and every tonne of steel produced through scrap steel saves 1,115 kg of iron ore, 625 kg of coal and 53 kg of limestone. In the same way, discarded metal also saves aluminum, copper lead and zinc.<br/><br/>Are you a recycler or are you dumping tin cans, plastic bags and aluminum cans in the trash? You know if you do a little research you can find places that take many materials not allowed in curbside recycling. We typically put out glass and cans in one bin and paper products in the other, then create a bin for the odd bits and take that ourselves to the proper facility once every 2 weeks or so. Most metal items, electronics, appliances and gadgets can and should be recycled. Many times these items get thrown away because someone no longer wants it yet it is still in working order. DONATE it to a local charity....many people are in need of old microwaves, coffee makers and household items.<br/><br/>Aluminum is found in the earth. It has to be dug out of the earth in order to produce anything made of it. Recycling aluminum cans is a great way to preserve this precious metal's resources from dwindling.<br/><br/>A. You can get paid for your old, broken appliances if you bring them to the right place. <a href="">metal recycling places near me</a> are <a href="">green metal recycling</a> centers just about everywhere in the country. At the time of this writing, the one a couple towns over from me are paying about ten cents a pound. Of course, gas is just under $4 per gallon, so it's not really worth the couple of hours and ten dollars in fuel that it would take to get them there. Fortunately, there are used appliance stores in just about every city willing to take your old appliances off your hands free of charge. Most of them will require you to bring them in, but are usually willing to pick them up for a small fee.<br/><br/>Taking away the objects as scrap metal for cash is about the best thing that you can do for the safety of your children, or even just the children playing in your yard or property. A lot of times people call me up and really don't care about getting "paid," they're honestly more concerned about the safety issues, and the liability, than the money.

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