I heard the keys in the door, and not a moment too soon, as the dinner I had prepared would have been ruined. I had also poured three glasses of a nice, chilled, rose wine, and they would be getting warm, (in all honesty I was on to glass number three, but I would not be telling them that!). “Hi Love”, Ross said and gave me a lovely, wet, warm kiss, I could taste feminine juice on his lips, which gave me a little shudder and warmth between my legs. I then turned to Kirsty who was dutifully following, opening my arms to her she seemed to freeze, I was having none of this so stepped forward and gave her a big hug and a little kiss on her cheek, this seemed to relax her as she had a more welcoming look on her face when we broke the embrace, so I went back and kissed her on the lips. Thinking about it, I was probably way to forward, as Kirsty and I had spoken on the phone many times, however had only met on two occasions, all in a professional, business manner, never socially and have never touched, let alone hug each other, I blame the wine.<br/><br/>I told them to get ready as dinner was ready, showed them which seats to sit at, and then said wine is there and probably still cold enough. We all sat around and ate dinner and had a couple of glasses each. Kirsty then said, “would you like me to clear the table?”<br/><br/><img width="476" src="" /><br/>Ross replied, “no I can do that”<br/><br/>“Thanks” I said, “I would like Kirsty to tell me about the day you two have had”.<br/><br/>Looking out of the corner of my eye, I saw Kirsty’s face drop, she swallowed hard and physically squirmed in her seat. I needed to rescue this and put her at ease, so swivelling on my chair, I brushed the back of my hand against her cheek “its ok, we are very open to having fun in ALL ways” I said, “now, please fill me in with all the glorious details, I want to know it all!”.<br/><br/>Kirsty smiled and then started to spill out in rapid succession “I was pulled cross, the room, bent over desk and spanked, trussed up arms and legs, pulled on to floor, sucked cock….”<br/><br/>“Shhhhh, I said, slow down I want all of the details.” With that she took a breath, and started again, this time with all the details. When she got to the end, well her end, she said, “we will need to sort clothes, bedroom etc”.<br/><br/>Looking at her smiling I said, “the guest bathroom is all set up, you should have everything you need”. I stood and took Kirsty by the hand and led her to the bathroom. I told her I would wait outside the door, “if you want to throw your clothes out, I will take them and wash them.”<br/><br/>A while later, I heard the shower switch off and Kirsty came down dressed in a robe, and some PJ bottoms I had left for her. “Is that better Kirsty?”<br/><br/>“Yes very much so, if you don’t mind, I am going to get off to bed.. .. ..” after a short pause, “I am feeling a little worn out, not really sure why” with the dirtiest grin I have seen, with that she kissed us both and went up to bed.<br/><br/>Ross and I had a lovely night, sitting and discussing the day’s events, this is when I found out that Kirsty had omitted to mention getting spit roasted by Dave and Ross. Right, I thought, a conversation for breakfast. After sorting the washing, Ross and I went to bed and made love.<br/><br/>I awoke early the next morning, having very naughty thoughts in my head about Kirsty. She was a very dirty woman, moreover she was here under our roof. Turning over, Ross was soundly sleeping, so rather than jump on him, I went down to prepare breakfast and sort Kirsty’s clothes. I took them to the guest bathroom, minus the laddered stockings.<br/><br/>Back in my wardrobe I found a new pair of panties and tights, still in the packet, so took those to the bathroom. Soon after I was greeted by them both coming down the stairs, Ross in his gown and Kirsty had found all her clothes. She had a lovely smile on her face as she wafted across the kitchen, “morning boss” as she kissed him on the cheek, “thank you so much Lou, for doing my clothes” kissing me on the lips and winking! I was a little unsure about the wink, until I went to the bathroom later and found the knickers still in the packet.<br/><br/>We ate breakfast, Kirsty thanked me again, and said “we should do this again some other time”<br/><br/>“You’re welcome I said, how about tonight, when you can finish telling me the story” she looked quizzically at me, “about you, Dave and Ross?”<br/><br/>“Oh yeah, sorry, we could do that later, if it was OK for me to stay again”?<br/><br/>“Not a problem Kirsty, in fact I really enjoyed it last night, however I feel we may have unfinished business” winking at her. From Kirsty’s smile, it was obvious she knew what I was on about. I kissed them both as they left for work, and whispered in Ross’s ear, “you behave today, finish early, and let me know when you are coming home” he turned back to me, blew me another kiss.<br/><br/>Around 3pm, I got a text from Ross, “Be home about 4”. Great, with that I flew upstairs to get ready, I had showered and shaved earlier, so had loads of time to get ready. Soon after I heard the door, so I planned my entrance knowing they would both be at the bottom of the stairs, my timing was impeccable , as they both looked up the stairs to see my patent black high heels, stockinged legs, black leather skirt only just covering the stocking tops, red sheer blouse, showing a glimpse of black bra beneath, my hair tied to one side and straightened, so flowing lovely over my shoulders.<br/><br/>Kirsty was starting to run up the stairs toward the bathroom and froze like a statue, Ross was wide mouthed at the foot of the staircase, “WOW” in a synchronised statement from them both.<br/><br/>“Lou, you look amazing” from Kirsty.<br/><br/>Ross looked and gave a dirty smile then mouthed “SLUT” from behind Kirsty and walked off toward the kitchen.<br/><br/>Eventually Kirsty kept climbing the stairs toward the bathroom, at the top, she took my forearms in her hands and looked me up and down, she was really checking every inch of my bod. I said, “didn’t you need the toilet?”<br/><br/>“Yes sorry, I didn’t mean to.. .. ..” she stopped trying to think of a word “perv over me,” I said, I laughed and turned to go down the stairs.<br/><br/>Kirsty came to the kitchen and sat at the breakfast bar, shortly after. “Yeh you were right Lou” she said and looked me up and down again, giggling. I dished the food and we all sat eating. After we had finished Ross again got up to look after the dishes. Kirsty offered to help again, “Ohhh no, no, no you don’t Kirsty, you have that story to finish”.<br/><br/>Tonight, she did not miss any details from her dirty time with Dave and Ross the previous day, this got me very aroused, and I was touching between my hot thighs as she told me. Daydreaming I had missed that Kirsty had spotted me and leant to the side, to see where my hands were “caught you” I jumped as she said it.<br/><br/>“Guilty as charged” I laughed.<br/><br/>Kirsty then asked if she could go and change into something more comfortable, “I only have a fleece onesie, I collected from home at lunch though”.<br/><br/>“Oh, we can’t have that Kirsty”<br/><br/>“Not with you dressed like that, we can’t”, Kirsty said<br/><br/>Looking her up and down I said, “why don’t you go and have a look in my special costume cupboard”,<br/><br/>“Yes please, what do you have? <a href=""></a> Kirsty enquired.<br/><br/>“Where do I start, schoolgirl, nurse, police, hell, go and take a look and find something, you MUST wear everything on the hanger that you find though”. With that Kirsty was gone, running up the stairs to our room. It seemed like an age that Ross and I were sitting waiting for Kirsty to reappear, however was probably only about 10 minutes, then we heard a voice from the top of the stairs.<br/><br/>“Mooommmmy” I heard, it sounded as though she was singing for us when she calls out mommy, I rushed to the bottom of the stairs to be greeted by a very naughty site. Kirsty had found my young girls costume, she was acting and looking a picture. She had knee-high white socks, with red sandal type shoe, she had her toes pointed towards each foot and her left leg was bent towards her right, with the heel off the floor and turned outwards. Her right hand was lifting the hem of the red and white checked gingham dress, revealing the lace tie bloomers beneath, the dress was tight across her breasts flattening her figure, he arms exposed beneath the short capped sleaves which were finished in lace around the top of her arms. “Mommy, can you help me tie the back please?” it was at this point, I noticed that she had done her make up, this had been done so well as she had bright red, slightly over done cheeks, just as if she was so much younger. She had also added some freckles to her face. Her usually tumbling gorgeous hair had been tied into bunches, she really did look a picture. I knew that this sight was so erotic, and that Ross would be instantly hard and want to jump in and help.<br/><br/>I came up with a plan. “No problem baby, mommy’s coming, just wait there” With that I sprung up the stairs and pulled Kirsty in too our bedroom.<br/><br/>Spinning her around to look at her, I was getting so wet between my legs. I turned her to face away from me, then pulled the ribbons which were criss crossed down her back, I knew that this would flatten and restrict her lovely breasts even more, however that was the look we were trying to achieve. Turning her back around to face me, it had certainly worked, and had obviously got Kirsty aroused too. Her chest was virtually flat, however her nipples were prominent beneath the checked fabric and were trying to break out from the constraint, you could clearly see the darkness of these points of joy.<br/><br/>“Daddy”, I called out, “can you come and help us, Kirsty has a new dress I would like you to see”, within seconds I could hear the rapid footsteps coming up the stairs. “Sit in the chair” I said, “Baby and I have to adjust things before you can join us”, knowing this would drive him mad and heighten the arousal.<br/><br/>“Yes Daddy, you can help us later, we need some mommy and daughter time first”, “Mommy can I have your boobies please like I used too?” With that I sat on the bed, with my feet on the floor, Kirsty lay on the bed with her head in my lap, fully on the bed, with her knees bent and open slightly giving Ross a great view of her lace up bloomers.<br/><br/>“Of course, baby, let’s get you comfortable”. I lifted my blouse from being tucked into my skirt, then seductively undid all the buttons, both Daddy and baby were getting a great show of my breasts. Once all the buttons had been undone, I slipped my hand into my bra and lifted it, above my boobs letting them both swing free, I wanted to remain clothed for as long as I could, as I had a feeling, we were going to get dirty. As soon as my left breast swung free, Kirsty lifted her head to suckle on my nipple, the feeling was lovely, at first, she just gently sucked it in to her warm waiting mouth, after a short while, she then started suck harder and then release it with a squelching sound. As soon as it had been released, she then placed the nipple back between her lips and proceeded to gently suck it hardening length back into her mouth, she did this three, or four times before swapping to the other breast.<br/><br/>At no time had she used her teeth or her tongue, this was all about to change though, I felt the gentle pain and pleasure as Kirsty deftly bit on my left nipple, then I felt her tongue flick across the end of the nipple. Releasing her grip with her teeth, but still suckling she then traced her tongue around the areola, gradually circling in until she flicked her tongue on the end of my nipple. As I was feeling the flow of this going down my body, again I felt the pain and pleasure of a nibble of her teeth on my nipple. Kirsty swapped around both nipples several times, nearly bringing me to a small climax several times, I had to clench my thighs closed and grit my teeth to prevent this happening.<br/><br/>Whilst containing my composure I looked down between Kirsty’s legs, she was slowly easing her legs together and apart, I knew the Ross would be getting a prefect view up between her thighs, I looked at him, caught his eye and winked at him, his return look affirmed what I thought he was looking up her skirt and directly at the tied bloomers, he was rubbing his hardened penis through his trousers. “Can I join you” Ross mouthed to me across the room, shaking my head and wagging my finger, he got the message and relaxed back down in his chair.<br/><br/>I was enjoying this so much, I wondered where we were going to take this, only for my thought to be interrupted. “Mommy, my fu fu is tingling” looking down Kirsty’s hand was heading down her stomach, my placed my hand on hers and followed down to her warm waiting crotch, she was soaking between her lips. “Mommy, I think I have wee weed, I am really wet”,<br/><br/>“No baby, you are happy and excited”.<br/><br/>“But I think I need a wee wee Mommy”<br/><br/>“OK baby, let me take you to the loo” with that I pulled my bra back to encapsulate my breasts and took Kirsty’s hand, gently pulling her up from the bed. “Do you want Daddy to help us too?”<br/><br/>“Yes, please Daddy, please come and help us wee wee, Daddy, please Daddy” He was up in a shot and heading toward our en suite.<br/><br/>Both holding Kirsty’s hands we led her through to the bathroom. She had a shy, coy look on her face. She was going to pull her bloomers down to sit on to the loo, no I said, we an undo the ties and open the crotch. Reaching down between her spread legs I pulled at the knot between her thighs. The cotton ties were soaking and very stiff, thus as I pulled at them, they now dug into Kirsty’s clit, she shuddered.<br/><br/>Bending down to get a better view, I could see that she was very aroused, gently I pulled again at the tied end and managed to release the tie to give us the glorious view of her glistening pussy lips. Standing above the toilet a little trickle started to fall from Kirsty’s pussy, dribbling over my fingers. Looking up at Kirsty’s face, she was looking down at me smiling, she was enjoying what she was seeing, bending forward, she then pulled her lips apart to get a better view for us both, excitedly she said, “help us Daddy.”<br/><br/>Moving across to us, and placing his had up between her thighs, Kirsty then was shaking as she was peeing towards us, watching her smile I could then see a dirty thought enter her head, her peeing slowed as she arched her back, backwards. Closing her eyes, she then forced her lower stomach with a huge squirt of urine cascading over the both of us, twisting her body left and right she pissed right the way from our faces and down our chests, soaking us thoroughly.<br/><br/>Looking back at her face, she was giggling. She then moved forward over my face and let another huge squirt of warm pee directly on to my face and in my mouth. The strength of the flow started to recede, also started wander across my body, leaning down Kirsty then started to lick around my face and down my breasts, whilst the hot flow was still cascading down to my stockings. “Daddy, this is lovely, do you want some”, pulling at his shirt she pulled him to join in.<br/><br/>Seeing the two of them licking me was such a wonderful feeling, Ross then stood up and pulled his cock out of his zipper, and started to pee on both Kirsty and I, Kirsty was giggling and spluttering, turning towards me she then gave me a full tongues kiss, with hot steaming urine streaming down out faces, Kirsty was getting so excited, I reached down between her legs and inserted two fingers in between her soaked pussy lips. She let out a sigh and kissed me harder, her tongue forcing past mine and going deep into my mouth. “ohhhh my mommy, that’s so horny, Daddy DADDY, please finger my bum”, bending forward he shoved a finger between her cheeks, I then saw his finger enter her cute arse.<br/><br/>With this Kirsty’s pussy started poring profusely down my wrist and her leg. Looking at Kirsty’s face her eyes rolling backward, I knew that she was coming and coming hard, her legs buckled from beneath her, but she was supported by the fingers inserted in her holes. Her breathing had stopped, her face was growing red, her head and face flailing around uncontrollably. A low growl came from her mouth, as she subsided into her orgasm. Ross then removed his finger and supported Kirsty for her to fall back unto his open arms.<br/><br/>Ross lay her limp body over his arms and lifted her back through to the bedroom, laying her gently on the bed. I followed through directly behind her. Her face was all a glow, and she had a lovely smile, despite her being covered in piss.<br/><br/>We both looked at each other and decided it was time to lose some clothing, I leant over to Ross and started unbuttoning his shirt, he did the same to me, then he reached behind me and undid my skirt, leaving me in my underwear. He then proceeded to drop his trousers and boxers. Looking down at the bed, Kirsty was obviously enjoying the show as she was playing with her nipples through her tight dress.<br/><br/>“Does little girl want some more?” I asked, looking down at Kirsty and seeing her starting to respond to us undressing, “is this little girl ready to have Mommy and Daddy please her?”. Kirsty’s response to this was to smile and look into my eyes, so I took that as a positive response, with that Ross and I turned her around on the bed, so her head was just on the side of the bed. I then forced my soaking pussy on to her mouth. She responded by sticking her tongue deep inside my pussy.<br/><br/>Ross moved in behind me, I could feel his hot, throbbing length pushing in from behind me, I turned to kiss him and told him to fuck may arse. <a href=""></a> He needed no second invitation, he goes wild and gets so much harder when I talk dirty to him. I then felt him piercing my anal passage, oh he was so big today, this the result of dirty talking. In my mind I was now thinking I need to do more. “Fuck me, fuck me hard and then you can stick you cock in this little girl’s mouth” was my next repost. This had the desired effect, hard and faster he pumped into me.<br/><br/>Pulling away from his thrusting’s, I then pulled him out with one hand and pushed his cock towards Kirsty’s mouth. She tried to move further under my pussy to stop me getting his dirty, anal covered cock into her mouth. This was not going to stop us though, I told Ross to force his cock towards her and I swapped my hand to Kirsty’s throat, pushing her backwards between my legs. Kirsty realised resistance was futile, and despite thrashing her legs around she submitted to our desires. Shortly I felt Ross’s penis stretching Kirsty’s throat beneath my hand. I then heard Kirsty splutter and choke as I released the grip. Looking between my legs, I could see his cock being forced backwards and forwards right down her throat.<br/><br/>I wanted that back inside my arse, I wanted to feel that hard cock ramming me, so pushed myself back and told him to fuck my arse again. Feeling his length force into my back passage was pure bliss. It seemed to fit in far easier this time, maybe because I was a little more accustomed to it, maybe because of the saliva that Kirsty had been forced to expend all over it. Whatever it was I was enjoying it, I was also now being treated to some hard pussy licking and clit biting by Kirsty again, as she had regained her composure.<br/><br/>This was sending me over the edge, I could feel my legs giving way, so my pussy was being forced down on to Kirsty’s face, she was still licking and biting my pussy and clitoris hard. I could feel the tension in my stomach. I could feel the hard cock thrusting my anal passage, I knew I was going to cum and soon. My arms were starting to wobble, I was really struggling to hold myself in position. I was breathing so fast, my head was spinning, then with a huge thrust of cock between my ass cheeks I exploded and collapsed on Kirsty. I felt the explosion between my legs, I could feel the absolute drenching running down my inner thighs to my feet. I could see stars and I was moulded to Kirsty’s body, she had stopped licking and biting as she was struggling to take all my ejaculation, I could hear her coughing and spluttering again beneath me.<br/><br/>I had to ask them both to stop as I was completely wasted, “stop STOP, for fuck sake stop please I yelled”. Ross slowed with his thrusting and pulled out from my well used arse hole. I managed to roll off Kirsty to one side of her and look down at the total mess that I had made beneath me. Kirsty’s hair was matted to her face, the lovely looking dress had a huge wet patch from her arms and down her chest, her make up was also a mess all over her face. Kirsty brought her arms up to clear the detritus from her face but was thwarted by Ross again forcing his cock into her mouth. He looked like a man possessed, forcing it between her lips and all the way down into her throat again. Kirsty tried again to push away, and I was unable to assist, however as before this large manhood was penetrating the throat, good and proper.<br/><br/>Looking at Ross’s face I smiled and blew him a kiss, I then mouthed to him “to give it to her hard”. I thought that this would be all that would be needed for him to shoot his hot cream inside her throat, however Ross had other ideas. He grabbed Kirsty’s bunches on the side of her head and pulled her hard towards him twice, forcing himself deep inside her, then he pulled her away and twisted her head with her body following, forcing her to bend over pulling her ass into the air. He was going to give it to her hard, but not in her mouth. I turned myself to get a better view of proceedings.<br/><br/>Whilst turning around my legs were opened and Ross needed no other prompt than to force Kirsty’s face between my open legs, Kirsty started licking furiously at my wet gash. Ross then forced his rock-hard cock into Kirsty’s gaping arse, causing her to let out a scream. I closed my legs muffling the sounds coming from Kirsty.<br/><br/>I bent forwards for a better view, also to reach down and pull her cute ass cheeks apart. Ross was thrusting into her like a jackhammer, his face was reddening, and his breathing was quickening. I knew this meant that he was just about to cum, looking into his eyes I said, “fill her arse, fill her arse so full of cum that it’s dripping out of the sides, make your slut have it!” I knew that talking this dirty would send him over the edge, and I was oh so right. He was pushing harder and deeper, his thrusts were shorter but far more determined, and then I felt his body tense up. He thrust, then a second or two later again, following this he collapsed on to the bed beside Kirsty. She did not move, all I could hear was both of them breathing hard. Kirsty slid on to her knees, off the bed, so I moved around behind her.<br/><br/>The view was lovely, her arse was still gaping and dripping creamy, white cum. This was rolling down to her pussy lips and mixing with her cum which was running down her legs. I bent between her legs and started licking this, Kirsty gave an involuntary shudder and tried to move away from my oral assault. I pushed her body hard with my arms to hold her in place, even with all my force, I was not stopping the shudders when I licked Kirsty, so I needed some help. “Ross, grab her and hold her, I want all of this cum she is emitting”<br/><br/>“OK Love” Ross said “Come here slut, Lou wants all of that cum”<br/><br/>With that we had Kirsty well and truly pinned, however she was still shuddering every time I licked her pussy, arse or thighs. I decided that I would fill my mouth with all this juice and share, so I stuck my tongue deep inside Kirsty’s cheeks and scooped out loads of slimy dripping cum juice. Once I had a good mouthful, I moved up the bed and forced my fingers into Kirsty’s mouth. Once my fingers had prized her mouth open, I then snowballed her and spat a large amount into her, she coughed a little and started to push the mess out with her tongue. I forced my fingers deeper inside her mouth to open her throat, causing the huge mass of fluids to fall down her opening. The tears were streaming from her eyes, and she was wriggling trying to stop our dirty practises, this was not going to stop us though. I went back down between her legs and got another load, came back up and this time I kissed Ross and transferred most of it to his mouth. Then back to Kirsty’s mouth I stuck my fingers in again and forced her jaws wide, then I stuck my tongue out and let the remnants of the juices flow into her open mouth. Kirsty swallowed and though she had done well, until I held her messed up face and got Ross to spit his larger load into her. She swallowed all of that down, looked at us both and smiled, the smile however was through gritted teeth, and I am sure she has now had enough.<br/><br/>I lent down and gently kissed Kirsty, she melted in my arms, I think she could sense that I was ending the onslaught, especially when I call Ross in to kiss and caress her too. As she turned from me towards Ross I loosened the ribbon on her back, then assisted her in removing the dress and the bloomers.<br/><br/>Kirsty then turned to me and said “mommy, can I sleep with you tonight?” with a very cute little chuckle. Following this she fell asleep between us.<br/><br/>Part three coming soon, if you would like to hear the end of Kirsty’s adventures, please vote positive and let me know.<br/>

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