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More often than not, the problem is nothing however a glitch in the profile. Nobody can level to a reason or incident that triggered the glitch, but one can try to fix it with these solutions. If the Microsoft Store obtained corrupted, chances are, you will see the error message in question. Also, if it is configured wrongfully, it may well present the error. We have talked about a handful of solutions so that you can try to restore the MS Retailer problem. Last but not least, we can't rule out the opportunity of corruption within the Minecraft Launcher set up package. If that's the case, then to fix the issue, you need to reinstall the app.Repair No applicable app licenses present in Minecraft</p><br/><p>If you are seeing No relevant app licenses discovered error message in Minecraft, then follow the solutions to resolve the problem.1. Log out of Xbox and Microsoft Store2. Restore or Reset Microsoft Store3. Update Microsoft Retailer and all its apps4. Run Home windows Store Apps Troubleshooter5. Reinstall Minecraft Launcher<br/>Allow us to speak about them in detail.1] Log out of Xbox and Microsoft Store</p><br/><p>The difficulty might be a temporary glitch in your Xbox and/or Microsoft Retailer profile. So, you should to start with, attempt to log out of the account in your computer. Then, restart your laptop and register, hopefully, this can do the trick for you.2] Restore or Reset Microsoft Retailer</p><br/><p>This concern is directly linked with Microsoft Retailer, if there is an issue with the store, the chances are Minecraft launcher won’t launch in your pc. What it is advisable do is follow the prescribed steps to do the same.<br/>- Open Settings by Win + I.- Go to Apps > Apps & Options.- Search for Microsoft Retailer.- For Home windows 11: Click on the three vertical dots and select Superior Options. For Home windows 10: Click on the app and choose Superior Options.<br/>Now, click on Repair and let it do its job.<br/>If that doesn’t work, go to the Microsoft Retailer setting once more, but this time, Reset the app. Hopefully, this can resolve the problem.3] Update Microsoft Retailer and all its apps</p><br/><p>Lots of the users had been able to resolve the issue simply by updating the Microsoft Retailer. It is sort of straightforward to do the same, simply comply with the steps and you can be good to go.1. Open Microsoft Retailer.2. Click on Library.3. Click on Get Update.<br/>Look forward to the process to complete and you can be good to go.Learn: Fix Microsoft Store Acquiring License error on Windows5] Run Windows Retailer Apps Troubleshooter</p><br/><p>Windows OS has a constructed-in utility that can resolve associated to Microsoft Retailer. We're going to set off it and see if it really works. Comply with the given steps to do the identical.Windows 111. <a href="">Minecraft online</a> Open Settings.2. Click on System > Troubleshoot.3. Go to Other troubleshooters.4. Click on Run related to Windows Retailer Apps.<br/>Windows 101. Open Settings.2. Click on on Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Further troubleshooters.3. Select Windows Store Apps > Run the troubleshooter.<br/>Look ahead to the method to complete, hopefully, your situation will probably be resolved.6] Reinstall Minecraft Launcher</p><br/><p>If nothing works, then possibly the difficulty is together with your launcher. You want to reinstall it with a view to resolve the problem. So, go ahead and uninstall the Minecraft Launcher, then redownload and set up its recent copy. Hopefully, this may resolve the difficulty for you.Learn: Minecraft keeps crashing or freezing on PCHow do I use WSReset EXE?</p><br/><p>WSReset.exe is used to reset Windows Retailer. It's used to reset the Windows Retailer cache. There are numerous ways to do the same, you'll be able to either open Command Immediate as an administrator or open Run and execute the next command.wsreset.exe<br/>This will run and do the job for you. You can also, search “WSReset” from the beginning Menu and open the utility.Also Read: Fix Minecraft game has crashed with Exit Code 0.</p><br/><p>Date: March 27, 2022Tags: MinecraftRelated Posts</p><br/><p>How to install mods in Minecraft for Pc and Consoles</p><br/><p>Connection refused, No additional info Minecraft error</p><br/><p>Minecraft Connection Lost, Did not Login, Dangerous Login Tekkit error</p><br/><p>[e-mail protected]</p><br/><p>Yusuf is presently pursuing B.Tech in Delhi. He's a eager follower of the Windows ecosystem and enjoys engaged on his Home windows eleven Computer.</p>

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