I prefer SBs for the comfort I wear medical shoesoles and Dunk SBs are the most comfortable fit for that extra insole thickness and width out of all my sneakers <a href="" class="sample32-ZZzSzJ"></a>. <br/>I swear people they aren't fake its UA option b. I've even heard someone say they selling b grade when they have <a href="">Blogs</a> of them replicating the shoe.<br/>I've been telling certain people that UA are replica remade shoes they stay it comes from the factory they the shoes nike didn't approve nike is a billion dollar company I don't think strapped pairs get out that's a lot of money the factory owner that nike is using will lose <a href=""></a>. <br/>I just watched an ad for stockx. I have never received a pair of fakes from stockx. But I have received shoes with defects on 2 occasions. And I don't know how that could happen. When they were obvious defects. For example I received an air max 90 with the paint coming off on the midsole. That is inexcusable. <br/><br/>

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