<p>Mirai is ❗under heavy development❗ and contributions are welcome!</p><br/><p>This project is experimental, its usage in production atmosphere is discouraged if you are not able to face potential bugs.</p><br/><p>Fork of Pufferfish for one of the best performance.<br/>Accommodates Lithium patches which respect Vanilla parity.<br/>Efficient redstone relying on Alternate Present, up to 4 instances quicker than Paper's algorithm.<br/>(WIP) Implements C2ME to enhance chunk generation pace, I/O and loading.<br/>Diminished bandwidth consumption and CPU utilization from avoiding sending useless packets in certain situations.<br/>Pre- <a href="">MINECRAFT PROFILES</a> to achieve optimal efficiency with minimal influence on regular behaviors.<br/>Login location hiding characteristic, which provides one other safety layer in the logs for admins.<br/>Toggleable metrics, nobody can accumulate data, not even us.<br/>Bugfixes for a number of Minecraft issues.<br/>Sooner process for Vanilla methods.<br/>Plugin compatibility with Spigot & Paper plugins.</p><br/><p>The latest JAR file might be downloaded here: Mirai-1.18.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar</p><br/><p>Please be aware Java >=17 is required.</p><br/><p>You too can clone this repository and construct it yourself. If you're keen on making a fork, take a look at this template there!</p>

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