<p>Private servers legal?</p><br/><p>Hello Reddit! So I heard a lot about private servers and stuff like that and I have to admit I was kinda interested in playing a WOTLK one, because I wasn´t playing WoW at the time.</p><br/><p>I did hear though, that it was illegal to host a private server. I am not sure now, if it is illegal to PLAY on a private server or only to host one?</p><br/><p>Also, would you get banned if Blizzard found out you were playing on a private server because I kinda would like to keep my live account? How would they find out anyways?</p><br/><p>Thanks for any answers :) (sorry for bad english)</p><br/><p>The only way Blizzard will know if you are playing on a private server is if you go on trade or a public channel in Retail and start blabbering about that you are on a private server or endorsing a private server. Otherwise, you are fine. It is a bannable offense on retail but far from illegal to play on any private server. Half the population on private servers are actually people that play on retail and still have active accounts. <a href="">blogging is good for your</a> </p><br/><p>Onto private servers being illegal....</p><br/><p>The United States copyright laws do not hold the same sway in European court as they view this an emulation and an emulation of content that isn't available like in retail(as long as they aren't running a WoD server which is a different case entirely). The number one rule is don't make an email account that is tied to your battlenet account on any private server and don't use a email login on the private server client.....simple enough?</p><br/><p>TL:DR Playing on private servers isn't illegal, but can get you banned from Retail servers, but as long as you don't tell anyone on Retail, you will be fine.</p><br/><p>Hosting is illegal if you live in the US, thats why most servers are hosted in Europe. If you host in Europe, Blizzard can't do anything.</p><br/><p>No you won't get banned for playing on a private server on retail, unless you promote the private server on the blizzard forums / in game in wow retail then you will probably be banned from retail, but apart from that you will be fine.</p><br/><p>No unless you're stupid and brag about it on retail</p><br/><p>Not like I'd care anyway, retail is long past gone for me.</p><br/><p>Do you have a good wrath server you could recommend to me now? :)</p><br/><p>I like these three:<br/>Gamer-District, Dalaran and Warmane.</p><br/><p>Each are unique in their own little way. You may want to investigate the sticky note at the top of the Wowserver Reddit page to investigate the differences.</p>

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