Crate Digging - Vintage Hip Hop Soul

from Origin Sound

Origin Sound proudly presents Crate Digging, arguably our most ambitious Hip Hop pack to date. A massive library of crunchy drums, soulful basses, alluring chords, chunky aged phrase stacks, and much more that harkens back to the glory days of sampling vinyl for Hip Hop records.

At the forefront of Crate Digging is our new and exciting ’Stacks’ section. We have spent time meticulously piecing together layers of bass, guitars, keys etc. to create a variety of thick phrases, with a view to them acting just as if they were cut out of a record, providing you with a wealth sampling power right at your fingertips. These stacks are simply itching to be chopped, reversed, warped, chucked into a sampler and the like, for you to create your own unique patterns and let loose with your creativity. For those who are after a fast workflow, Crate Digging provides both aged and chopped up stacks, enabling a foundation for quick inspiration. In addition to the stacks, we have also provided a the stem bounces in the form of Bass, Chords, and Melody.

Of course no Hip Hop pack would be complete without a solid selection of drums and Crate Digging does not disappoint with a vast selection of 121 crunchy drum hits to choose from, all of which geared towards the sonic characteristics of Hip Hop. If you’re after a quick beat to throw into your project to get the track moving along, there is a range of 19 full drum loops to choose from, with various grooves and feels spread across 85, 90, 100, 110, and115bpm, filled with creative percussion hits. All of which are split up into respective stems to allow you to easily interchange between various kick or tops patterns, to ease the creative process.

To support the foundation of the pack Crate Digging is equipped with a variety of musical one shots from buzzing basses, distorted sax, through to soft keys, ready to be loaded into a sampler and played at your leisure. As well as a whopping 30 SFX such as guitar fret noises, vinyl crackles to guitar drones, to add further detail to your productions and give it a unique character that stands out amongst the rest.

Crate Digging provides all the components necessary to create a Hip Hop song, an essential for any Hip Hop producer, whether you’re looking to load the stack layers into a sampler and jam, or dive right into the individual elements and meticulously craft a beat, there is something here for you.

Whats in the pack?
• 121 Crunchy drum hits
• 19 Groovy drum loops (with stem bounce)
• 20 Bonus percussion loops
• 11 Soulful bass loops
• 13 Alluring chord loops
• 28 Dazzling melody loops
• 10 Chunky stacks (with 20 edited variations)
• 40 Adaptable musical one shots
• 30 Rich SFX

Crate Digging - Vintage Hip Hop Soul

from Origin Sound

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oneshot acoustic bass boom bap hip hop
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oneshot boom bap drums hip hop tops
boom bap hip hop percussion
oneshot boom bap drums hip hop tops
oneshot boom bap drums hip hop tops
oneshot boom bap drums hip hop tops
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