Kyoto - Trap & Hip Hop

from Origin Sound

Origin Sound presents its newest pack Kyoto, full of dark trap vibes. Lurking through the midnight shadows of the Japanese city, these samples will slice-n-dice right through your mix, giving your beat the attacking edge it needs.

When tearing open Kyoto to have a sift through, it is hard to choose a starting place because every folder is calling your name begging to be explored. But a good location to begin your journey is in the expansive music loops folder. With over 120 loops that will tantalise your auditory cortex, the pack is loaded with all the tools a modern trap samurai will need. From 808s and basses that will fly kick you in the chest, gritty live electric bass, moody ethereal keys that set a misty mood, classic juicy organs that melt in your headphones, tasteful synths that have been fine-tuned to perfection, organic and roomy bells and kalimbas, super rich plucks and much more. The music folder also comes equipped with song starter loops that provide an excellent example of how all the different music loops can mesh together and form a solid idea. These musical hooks are an outstanding tool for crafting an ominous trap or rap beat.

Fighting back to back, the music loops and drum loops work together hand in hand. The music loops folder in Kyoto sets a high precedent on the sample scale, but the drum loops folder does not break that reputation. Packed with over 50 hard hitting loops, these drums might just be your new go-to samples. The folder contains full drum loops, fill loops, percussion and tops loops, as well as a few melodic groove loops. These mean drum loops will pump your beat full of adrenaline and turn a tame animal into a beast. Full of hard hitting kicks, slapping snares, ticking hats, and rich organic percussion, these samples are an ideal tool for beat makers looking to level up their game.

Kyoto brings you even more trap delicacies with its 808 one shot folder. These low end samples are the answer to all your problems and will bring all the sauce you need to your beat. The pack also contains a SFX folder full of juicy extras like risers, impacts, transitions, glitches, vox shots and more.

Kyoto is the only weapon you need if you are on the journey to becoming a trap samurai master. Have a dig through the pack yourself to discover all the wonders within.

Kyoto - Trap & Hip Hop

from Origin Sound

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oneshot drums snares hip hop trap
oneshot drums kicks hip hop trap
oneshot fx hip hop risers trap swells
oneshot percussion hip hop trap wooden
oneshot drums hats hip hop closed trap light
oneshot percussion hip hop trap
oneshot fx hip hop risers trap swells
oneshot synth bass drums hip hop sub 808 trap deep
synth hip hop melody trap
oneshot drums kicks hip hop trap

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