Expressive Pop - Massive Presets

from Audio Imperia

A collection of masterly crafted presets for NI’s Massive, all with pop music or electro house in mind. The collections offers a wide selection in multiple categories to offer you a ton of choices:

● Arp Presets
● Atmosphere Presets
● Bass Presets
● Effect Presets
● Key Presets
● Lead Presets
● Pad Presets
● Plucked Presets
● Sequence Presets
● Synth Presets

Expressive Pop - Massive Presets

from Audio Imperia

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PD Ambient Atmosphere Pad.nmsv
airy edm electro mod pads pop reverb smooth swells synth
KEY Key To Pad.nmsv
airy edm electro keys pads pop reverb smooth synth
ARP Minor Arp Pluck 2.nmsv
arp bright edm electro keys plucks pop seq synth
ARP Arp Chill.nmsv
arp bright delay edm electro pop reverb synth
KEY Broken Piano.nmsv
edm electro keys mod piano pop reverb smooth synth
ARP Minor Arp Pluck.nmsv
arp edm electro plucks pop synth
PD Cello.nmsv
airy cello edm electro pads pop reverb strings swells synth
PLK Pluck To Pady Soft.nmsv
edm electro pads plucks pop reverb smooth synth
KEY Lil Fun Key.nmsv
airy delay edm electro keys pop reverb smooth synth
SQ Hipster Bells.nmsv
arp bright edm electro pop reverb seq synth

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