<p>Minecraft 1.17 on M1 Mac with arm64 java?</p><br/><p>I was capable of play Minecraft using the Azul Zulu eleven JDK built for arm64.</p><br/><p>As we speak i upgraded Minecraft to version 1.17 which was launched lately and has nice new features. It now requires Java 16 and comes bundled with a x86_sixty four java binary on MacOS which works on M1 Macs but presents less than stellar performance.</p><br/><p>I installed Azul Zulu sixteen for arm64 and configured my Minecraft launcher profile to make use of it (path: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/zulu-16.jdk/Contents/Home/bin/java ). <a href="">Minecraft whitelist servers</a> </p><br/><p>Sadly the game crashes on launch. Has anyone gotten it to work with the arm64 java binary?</p><br/><p>Yep, use this GitHub gist as a guild. The explanation it's crashing is that Minecraft uses LWJGL which hasn't been compiled for ARM in the Minecraft launcher. You want to use MultiMC to change to the LWJGL native JAR that someone compiled.</p><br/><p>Thanks</p><br/><p>u/superpenguin612 I exploit Multi-MC, I updated to Zulu 16, but the wrapper just isn't working. It works simply nice on 1.16.5 Zulu 11; and 1.12 Zulu 8, but not 16. Any concept why? Does the LWJGL must be updated?</p><br/><p>It works simply advantageous for me! There shouldn't technically be a "wrapper," per se (there may be a different GitHub gist that says to make use of a python wrapper command; I've had points with that so I linked the one the place all it's a must to do is change the Java native and LWJGL). Are you able to submit your configuration for MultiMC? I've it working all the way as much as 1.17 with Optifine and Zulu 16. Here is an Imgur hyperlink with my entire configuration. I truly deviated from the guide as a result of I did not need to retailer LWJGL in my dwelling folder so I moved it to the instance folder for my 1.16.5 profile. (You may open it by clicking "Instance Folder" in MultiMC) Hope this helps!</p><br/><p>Works high quality for me , i'm additionally operating on the beta model of OSX - i do have a random crash on exit that i'm struggling with however the game itself runs nice. I'm utilizing and zulu-16jdk.</p>

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