If you're thinking about adding house address signs to your front porch or entrance, you've probably already thought of several different types and materials. Depending on the type of wood you use, hanging hardware for house numbers can be either metal or plastic. However, you'll likely need to refinish wooden signs every few years if you plan to place them outdoors. While these alternatives might seem more expensive, they will help make your porch or entrance fresh and inviting.<br/><br/>While they are not always necessary, elegant <a href="">address signs</a> will complete the aesthetics of your home or office building, and will also increase your property's resale value. The majority of house address signs are made from metal plates with engraved letters or numbers. Depending on your style, you can even use lettering or embossed graphics to create a more personalized look. In any case, address signs must be placed in a prominent location where they can be clearly visible from the road. Make sure to check local laws to avoid violating these laws.<br/><br/>You can also select to have a plaque or sign made with your street name. These address signs will also display your business name and phone number. Before purchasing, make sure to check the 911 code and order the right size sign for your area. You can choose between a standard-sized sign or a small, petite size. To view a full selection of house address signs, click on the gallery links below. The images are shown in two pages.

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