<p>Minetest 5.5.0 has rolled out, with a change over from Irrlicht to their own fork of the rendering engine IrrlichtMt designed to have special enhancements just for Minetest. What's Minetest? <a href="">Screamyguy's blog</a> 's an open source voxel recreation engine, that may be modded into many various video games - like Minecraft.</p><br/><p>There's fairly a variety of adjustments aside from the rendering tech altering. Here's some highlights:</p><br/><p>- Improved TTF font assist<br/>- Contact UI support for desktop builds<br/>- Joystick sensitivity for player motion<br/>- Links clickable in chat, disabled by default<br/>- Regular texture help (for minimap shading)<br/>- Pause animations while recreation is paused<br/>- Handle modpacks containing modpacks correctly in the content downloader<br/>- Heaps of recent additions for modders<br/>- Efficiency improvements and bug fixes<br/>- Add a key to toggle show map block boundaries (F8 by default)</p><br/><p>Find out extra on the official site. You'll be able to install easily from Flathub.</p>

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