<p>So, we all know that it's a must to get to your minecraft folder to put in mods, texture packs, get screenshots, backup worlds, but sometimes you cannot seem to search out your minecraft folder, proper?<br/>Well no longer! In this tutorial, I'll show you the best way to get to your minecraft folder on MAC. Let's get started!</p><br/><p>Here is how:</p><br/><p>First, open your finder<br/>Look at the bar at the highest of your screen, the one that incorporates the apple logo and says "Finder" next to it.<br/>When you look an that bar, you will see the "Go" button, click on it after which click "Go to folder", situated at the bottom.<br/> <a href="https://dailyuploads.net/0zypqrl6d5dk">Minecraft servers</a> Type ~/Library and then click go, or hit the enter key in your keyboard.<br/>Notice:<br/>The ~ sign is located above the tab button, press shift to make use of it!</p><br/><p>This may deliver you to a list of folders, go ahead and open the "Software Help" folder.<br/>This can open much more folders, certainly one of them is the minecraft folder, open it.<br/> <a href="https://www79.zippyshare.com/v/K3PtNwqj/file.html">ATLWOOD</a> Completed! You have now opened your minecraft folder! You can now proceed to download mods and other belongings you want to do!<br/>Learn tutorials if you do not know learn how to download mods/backup worlds! You don't wish to delete your world, or mess up you minecraft! <a href="https://files.fm/f/v93neyb4c">Minecraft servers</a> </p>

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