At first look, Wormaxio looks incredibly similar to the particular other worm-based online multiplayer io video games. Even <a href="https://telegra.ph/Wormax-io-12-28-8">https://telegra.ph/Wormax-io-12-28-8</a> are similar to games such as Slither IO or Wormate IO, with all the viruses in Wormaxio portrayed as colorful caricatures with two cartoonish eyes at the front end regarding their body. Yet , where Wormax. io stands out is usually the improvements this makes to the genre, creating some sort of game that is certainly even more tactical than any of its precursors.<br/><img width="480" src="https://i.ytimg.com/vi/pFyySK5q5v4/maxresdefault.jpg" /><br/>

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