She can also be very simple-going, going as far to encourage Yuno and Yukiteru to sleep in the same room knowing full well what could happen. Rea is a really sort and caring mom whose cooking skills are admirable and her criticism on other's cooking is noticeable, as said by Yukiteru Amano himself. She is killed in the second world by her desperate ex-husband as a result of she wanted to take him to the police after she had seen him coming down from the Sakurami Tower with a parachute without Yukiteru.<br/>I don't know her precise causes, nevertheless it's likely Murmuru aims to attain power, or she simply follows Yuno as a result of Yuno is the God of the world Murmuru's from. Now effectively her first world self in her third world's physique, Yuno used a mallet to shatter the boundary between the third and second worlds, reuniting with Yukiteru within the void that remained of the latter.<br/>I'm really late so you probably do not care about this however I needed to answer, as a result of I'm obsessive about Mirai Nikki. Yuno killed herself as a result of she realized how much she beloved Yukki and that she could not continue on killing Yukki and going to new worlds to win the survival game once more. You mean why she didn't kill herself once they have been supposed to commit double suicide?<br/>She told him that she would explain what occurred later earlier than they left to fulfill their promise of stargazing together. Yukiteru goes to meet his mom, Rea Amano, on the train terminal the place she is finally arriving residence from work, leaving the house unguarded. Yuno breaks into his home through the use of a mallet and a roll of delivery tape, stopping the glass from shattering but breaking it simply enough to unlock the door and enter the home. Yukiteru is quickly off-put when he finds that Rea likes Yuno and helps their relationship, a lot that she allows her to remain the night time, in Yukiteru's room. Yuno quietly displays to herself that she is glad she did not need to do something to Yukiteru's mom, and that her "tools" wouldn't be helpful right here.<br/>Rea Amano (天野 礼亜, Amano Rea) is the ex-spouse of Kurou Amano and the mother of Yukiteru Amano, the First Diary Holder. It is later revealed that the reason why she divorced Kurou was that he was pretty bad at handling cash and therefore had obtained an enormous debt. In the top we see that the First world Yuno and Second world Yuki gets collectively and live like gods for the remainder of their lives and more than likely dies (as in Mirai Nikki’s universe gods can die, I think).<br/> <a href="https://keegan-song.technetbloggers.de/cosplay-costumes">cute bunny girls</a> This rapidly turns out not to be the case, nonetheless, when Rea informs them that she is bringing residence slightly boy whose mother and father had been both victims of the Omekata cult suicide. She is also expert in setting traps, for instance when she booby-trapped an abandoned hotel with a number of tools, corresponding to digital locks, concrete (gasoline within the anime) and even a sickle in an elevator (also within the anime). Her intelligence, which is her best asset, is displayed when she manages to outwit her opponents such because the very formidable Akise.

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