I feel I've got to write this out. To, sort of, get it off my chest. Some things happened to me lately that, to some people, can be very disturbing. Maybe this story will be therapeutic for me....<br/><br/>I'm a married man. I've been married to Samantha for 12 years now, who is 33 years old. It's been a good marriage, all in all. As, of course most marriages go, we have our problems and strengths. I've always thought of myself as a fairly normal guy. I'm 37, 6 feet tall, in fairly good shape. I love sports, fast cars and enjoy a 25 year old female in a mini skirt.<br/><br/>Well so much for the resume. Last week I came home at my usual time from work and found Samantha (Sam) busily getting dinner. She had gotten off from work a little early and thought she'd fix something a little special for us that evening. I noticed a bottle of Merlot opened on the counter and a couple of glassfuls missing from it. I thought, "Ah yes, this is going to be a fun evening."<br/><br/>I snuck up behind Sam, who was at the sink, and nuzzled my face into her neck. I could tell she'd had a couple of glasses, because instead of being startled, she purred a little, "Mmmmm, Hello Tiger." She turned to me and threw her arms around my neck, "I'm making lasagna," she announced. Now I love lasagna, but from the vibe I was getting, I was thinking about blowing off dinner and throwing her up on the dining table. Well, I managed to restrain myself through dinner and a couple more wines.<br/><br/>We'd just finished the dishes when I held my wife again and whispered into her ear, "I think I'll hit the shower."<br/><br/>"Okay, I'll be waiting," she said with enough drama in her voice to make a B-flick actress envious.<br/><br/>A few minutes later, I stepped out of the shower, dried and walked out into the bedroom where I saw Sam, laying nude on our bed. She had a strange look on her face and for some reason it made me look over my shoulder. There, the first thing I saw was a barrel of a pistol pointing between my eyes. It was being held by a man with a very hardened look on his face and he was holding it sort of sideways like some gangster wannabe or something. "Don't make me have to use this on you," he growled, in a husky voice. "I'm just here to have a little fun and then I'll go away."<br/><br/>I held my hands up. "What do you want?"<br/><br/>"Like I said just a little fun...." He motioned the pistol toward the bed. "Now get over there on the bed with your little woman."<br/><br/>I walked over and climbed on the bed and lay next to Sam whose face was stricken with absolute terror. I looked over at the man. He looked to be about 25 years old, 6 foot 4, black hair, clean shaven. He was very muscular, with a large tattoo of a dragon wrapped in chain on his right bicep and a smaller tattoo of a rose vine climbing up his left bicep. He wore grey sweat pants and a black t shirt with the sleeves torn off and a bunch of holes throughout. He kind of reminded me of some of those muscle heads you see down at the gym. Like possibly he just came from the gym.....<br/><br/>"Okay, now I want you to kiss her."<br/><br/>I hesitated for a moment, confused.<br/><br/>He moved closer to us, "Go ahead Dude, I said kiss her." I leaned over and kissed Sam on the lips. "Good, kiss her again, a little longer this time and reach down and squeeze one of those big titties of hers." I guess I should describe Samantha to you a little. She's very petit, 5 foot even, in fact. She weighs about 120 lbs with a plump bubble ass, large C cup breasts and a narrow middle. She's got a very pretty face, with full lips, blue eyes and blond hair. Her boobs have always looked large, mainly because she is so small. Anyway, I oblige the man by kissing and fondling her breasts, while the man moved a little to get a better view. At that point, in my mind, I'm wondering just where and how far this guy would want us to go. I hoped he wouldn't tell us to have intercourse, because I doubted that I could get an erection right then.<br/><br/>For the next few minutes, he had me doing various things to my wife, while she lay there. I spent a couple of minutes massaging her boobs, then he had me move down and lick her vagina. He really enjoyed that, he moved closer still and said in a low husky voice, "Yeah, that's it... lick her juices. You like that, don't you baby. Yeah, I know you like that." Sam lay there wide eyed, and motionless. Then, suddenly, he got very angry, "What in the fuck is the matter with you, Man? You can't get a hard on with a beautiful woman like this? You must be a fuckin' homo, or something."<br/><br/>"I'm sorry," I said, "It's just that you've got a gun pointed at us. It kind of ruins the ambience. Know what I mean?"<br/><br/>"Relax, Man, I don't want to hurt you. I just want to watch you guys fuck, and then I'm gone. Comprende? Maybe she could suck on your cock a little. That always gets it up, right? Go ahead honey, suck his dick a little. Make him hard."<br/><br/>Sam began to suck on me. It surprised the hell out of me, but he was right. I got a rock hard erection. He kept moving around the bed, this way and that, getting a different view of us. "Fuck yeah, that's hot. Suck his fuckin cock, Bitch. Yeah, that's it. Jack him off, a little while you suck. Fuck yeah, that is makin me soo fuckin hot."<br/><br/>I glanced over at him, as he moved, back and forth, this side of the bed, then that. I could tell he wasn't wearing any underwear, because I could clearly see a semi erect penis flopping around in his sweats. It looked big, from what I could see, and it kind of sickened me a little.<br/><br/>"Okay," he said, "Now it's time to fuck her, Dude. You......Girly.....Climb on top of him." Sam and I positioned ourselves so that she was on top of me, laying on my chest, with my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She looked down at me, frightened eyes, saying nothing, and rhythmically, mechanically moved up and down on my cock. The man was positioned at the foot of the bed, looking up, between her ass cheeks and watched as my dick slid into her. He moved his face very close to us and suddenly he got very quiet. I thought that maybe he had ejaculated in his pants and that would be the end of it, but he just remained there for a couple of minutes very silent, watching us fuck.<br/><br/>Finally he got up, "Okay man, that's it. You should stop now. I'm gonna need to tie you guys up, so I can get out of here without the cops conveniently showing up." He pointed the pistol at me, "You, you're first. Over there in the chair."<br/><br/>I got up and walked by him, noticing his huge erection in his pants, and then my dwindling one. I sat down and put my hands behind the back of the chair. He produced a pair of handcuffs and cuffed my hands together, through a bar in the back of the chair. He then placed strip of duct tape over my mouth. I looked down at my pitiful, shrinking dick and hoped that the guy would honor his word and get the fuck out. He moved over to the bed. "Now you Girly, hands up to the headboard."<br/><br/>She slowly moved her hands upward until her fingertips were grabbing the bars of the headboard. He then cuffed her left hand to it, leaving the right one free. I felt so bad for her, as she lay there naked and frightened, looking up at him, wide eyed, and wary.<br/><br/>He looked down a Sam, his cock straining at his sweats. "You should have seen yourself. You were....I mean...are...beautiful. Making love with your husband like that, he's a very lucky man." Sam remained silent, looking up at him with big "doe" eyes. "Would you maybe like to make love with me? I mean, I'm pretty good at it. I've got a pretty big one. If I promise to make you feel good?" Then he grabbed her right hand and placed it on the massive bulge in his sweats and said in his raspy, husky voice," Come on, it'll feel good....I promise. I'll even hold the gun on you so you can tell your hubby over there that I forced you."<br/><br/>Sam mumbled a quiet, "No thank you," but curiously she was staring, with those big "doe" eyes, at her hand wrapped around his big cock through the sweatpants. She then looked over at me. I sensed her questioning me. I think he must have sensed it too.<br/><br/>Sam just lay there, looking up at her hand. He pulled his hand away from hers, but hers remained on his sweats for a second or two. He pointed the pistol at her, "Okay baby, I want you to pull down my pants.....Go ahead...It's Okay." Sam reached up and with her one free hand pulled the front of his sweats down revealing a huge, rock hard, erection. I had no way of telling how big it was, but I know that mine is about 7 inches, well, his seemed to be almost twice as large as mine! It was incredibly thick in girth also.<br/><img width="323" src="" /><br/><br/>Sam gasped slightly, "I think you may be a little too big for me." She wrapped her hand around his thick vein covered shaft and there was a gap between her finger tips of about two inches!<br/><br/>"I've heard that one before," he said as he stripped off his t shirt. His chest and abs were chiseled, and he had a large tattoo across his chest that said "SPIKE."<br/><br/>I was trying to yell through my gag, but "Spike" just turned and pointed the pistol at me and told me to shut up. I was going crazy. I couldn't let this man fuck my helpless wife. I didn't know what to do, but after a couple more threats I resigned myself and became quiet.<br/><br/>Spike unlocked Sam's cuffed hand and told her to suck his cock. She looked at me as he positioned his pole in front of her, the huge mushroom head lightly touching her large pouting lips. She looked up into his eyes as she took the head of his penis in her mouth. She could barely get a few inches in her mouth. "Grab it with your hands and pump it a little. Yeah, that's it.....Suck a little harder...Yeah....." Sam slurped his big head for a few minutes while he moaned and occasionally thrust a little hard into her mouth, gagging her. All the while, her eyes were looking up into his. "You like that. Don't you Baby. You like my big dick. You want me to fuck you with it? I'll bet you do. You're going to come..... really....hard.....Now I want you to lay back and relax a little...No..No...Don't look at your hubby...No..No...Look at me."<br/><br/>But she was looking wide eyed at me. At first I was confused and then I looked down at my own raging hard on! Spike smiled, "Enjoying the show I see, eh Chief?"<br/><br/>I felt so embarrassed, so stupid. My wife was about to be fucked by another man and I was getting turned on by it? Fuck! My eyes pleaded with Sam. She looked so sad and frightened. She lay back as Spike positioned himself in front of her. He began rubbing the head up and down my wife's pussy. She remained quiet and impassive. I wondered if she was still moist from our intercourse, if not, then his massive tool would rip her open.<br/><br/>He continued to rub the head up and down her pussy. I could see the bulging purple veins that laced his massive phallus. Then, finally he pushed the head into her. He worked a few inches into her as she sighed, but still straight faced and still impassive. I thought that she must have still been wet from our intercourse for him to be able to do even that much. He grabbed a foot in each hand and really started to try to pump his thick cock into her. I looked down and saw that my cock was engorged and turning a dark shade of purple as the tip oozed a stream of pre-cum, which then began dripping down the side of my shaft.<br/><br/>That was when I noticed a change in Sam's demeanor. At first a sigh, then she looked over at me, eyes pleading. She then sighed again and moaned a little, like he had thrust a little too deeply. He was pumping about two thirds of that monster into my wife and he was panting. Sweat dripping down his face and chest. His pecs bulging. His chiseled abs flexing. He pumped and pushed. I saw Sam's hips move ever so slightly as he thrust. I could see the skin of my wife's vagina cling to his thick cock as he would withdraw, only to plunge again, and again. She began to raise her hips to meet each thrust. Sam's mouth opened as she sighed. I could hear her....she was beginning to breath harder. He plunged again....deeper this time. Sam cried out," OHHhhhhh." As she pushed her ass up off of the bed to accept even more of his thick penis! He was breathing hard and moaning as he withdrew again and plunged..... again....and...... again. Sam began to scream. She sounded like a fucking whore as she moaned. Her eyes slammed closed as she grimaced and screamed, "AHHHhhhhhhhhhh..... Fuuuuuck......... Yessssssssssssssssss." <a href=""></a> She was squealing something incomprehensible when from her vagina gushed a river of fluid. Spike slammed about 10 of his fourteen inch cock into her, his balls tight as he bottomed out her convulsing vagina. He continued to plunge again and again as Sam bucked and writhed against his thrusting cock. Screaming, moaning, then whimpering, and eventually collapsing after what was probably the most intense orgasm she'd ever imagined.<br/><br/>I felt crushed and aroused. I knew at that moment that I was losing control. In spite of herself, my wife had an orgasm, a massive orgasm, with an unknown man. I knew that there were women that would gush or squirt during orgasm, but I didn't know that Sam would....or even could. She had enjoyed this muscular man and his huge phallus. He had pleased her as no man ever could. His massive organ had stretched her vagina and filled her until she had lost control of herself. The animal inside had taken over. Lust had overtaken any thought of a "husband" or of "right" or "wrong." Her soul was stripped clean of inhibition. All that was left was the deeply entrenched need to be fucked like an animal and filled with the seed of her aggressor.<br/><br/>Her massive gush had apparently startled him because he withdrew and looked down at his, now dripping, phallus. "Fuck, Girly, I knew you would like it, but shit, I didn't know you'd like it that much.<br/><br/>Much to his surprise, and mine, Sam leapt up and grabbed his tool with both hands and began hungrily licking her dripping juices from his throbbing cock. Spike seemed to really enjoy this, "Yeah Baby, that's right, lick it all nice and clean.....Yeah, good, that's right all the way down to my nuts....Yeah, better clean off those balls too, Baby, Yeah , that's right."<br/><br/>I sat and watched in stunned surprise as my wife lusted greedily after another man's body. She had clearly lost control and was very caught up in the highly charged moment. I, however, was also very turned on. I loved to see Sam so lusty, so....out of her mind. Obviously enjoying herself immensely as she licked up and down his shaft. I guess this is where the therapy thought comes into the picture for me. I knew that I shouldn't feel this way, but I was enjoying the scene so much that I could not help myself. I remember having fantasies occasionally about having a third person in our love making sessions. Sometimes a woman, other times a man. I always thought it true, even to Sam's opposition that women secretly lusted over a well hung man. I've seen porn before and, to be honest, I enjoyed the ones where the man's penis was large, usually the larger the better. The pornos with an average sized man just didn't seem as hot. The thought of a woman really getting off being completely filled with a giant cum spewing cock, her vagina stretched to its' absolute limit was, to put it mildly, very hot to me.<br/><br/>Spike began to moan a little more loudly, "Baby if you keep this up, I just might have to fuck you again. I'll bet you'd like that though, wouldn't you? Yeah, sure, you want more of my big dick, don'cha girly. But this time, I think I want you to ask me...... right here in front of your little hubby."<br/><br/>He pulled his cock away from Sam's grasp. She began to follow it, crawling across the bed toward him. "Fuck me with it some more," she pleaded. "Please baby, I really want it."<br/><br/>"Right here? In front of your hubby."<br/><br/>"Yes......I neeeeeed your big cock. Yes, right here in front of him. Please? Look at him, he's enjoying it anyways. Come on......I'll do anything you can even fuck me in the ass!<br/><br/>Spike look over at me and my raging cock. "You are enjoying this, aren't you Chief. You like watching you little lady cum like never before....Huh? Or is it that you just like my big dick too?" He turned back to Sam,"Nah Baby You wouldn't like this big ole thing in your ass, it'd rip you up. Besides your pussy is soooooo tight." With that he lay down on the bed next to Sam. And he pulled her on top of him. She grabbed his thick stick and guided it to her vagina. She began to rub it up and down her pussy as she moaned how she wanted to fuck him soooo badly.<br/><br/>Finally she slipped the head in and she began to moan louder as she tried to work her vagina down onto his shaft. From my angle I could see her back and her plump butt cheeks as she slid down onto him. I could see his thick veiny shaft as it slid into my wife. It was truly a sight I'll never forget. Sam was really trying to work herself down onto him, trying, I guess, to get his whole cock into her. She threw her head back and squealed in pleasure as she slid down onto him again and again. "Come on Baby, I want your whole cock. I want you slamming that thing all the way in when you cum inside of me."<br/><br/>"Sorry Girlie, they don't make pussies that big. I've been looking for one my whole life that could take this whole thing. I want to be able push it all the way in and grind until my balls are slapping and.....fuck.....that would be fuckin' hot, but...well... there aren't any big enough."<br/><br/>"Poor little hung like a mule Spike....I guess I'll just have to make your fat cock cum with my little-tiny-tight pussy," Sam moaned with perhaps, the most syrupy vixen voice I'd ever heard. She pushed down onto his veiny shaft as far as she could with a low grunt and ground her ass around and around onto his pole.<br/><br/>My cock lurched when She did this. I started to crave what She was feeling. The most primitive of instincts. Can you believe that? She was mating with a seeming physically perfect male specimen. She was totally filled with his huge penis, stretching her to her physical limit and at the same time, all that she wanted was to please that penis, to make it shoot his pungent seed into her. To be fertilized by him. I knew what I was feeling was wrong, that it was only due to the scene unfolding before me, but, at that moment, I didn't care. I moaned a little myself.<br/><br/>Sam turned her head to me, " really are enjoying this, aren't you?"<br/><br/>I nodded and through the duct tape over my mouth moaned a muffled "Uh Huh."<br/><br/>"Well, I've got to hear this," She said as she climbed off of Spike and moved toward me. She ripped the tape from my mouth. "Are you enjoying your wife being ravaged by another man?" as she caressed the shaft of my engorged cock.<br/><br/>"I....Don't know.....I mean...Fuck...its hot...You seem to really be enjoying his big dick. I mean really enjoying it. I've never seen you gush before during sex. Is it that good for you?"<br/><br/>She was silent for a moment.....then..."Well, yes.....He...He's so...big...and aggressive. To be perfectly honest with you Brian, I've never felt that with you. I love you, your gentleness, the way you care for my needs. Its just aren't usually the aggressive one in bed."<br/><br/>There it was, the truth. She was right, I was not aggressive that way. I was used to her being the instigator of our sex sessions, and now here she was, forced to be someone's fuck toy. She was enjoying the primitive instinct of the woman submitting to the man's lust.<br/><br/>Just then, Spike spoke up," Okay Girlie, My cock's getting soft over here. Why don't you come back over and I'll make your little pussy gush again so hubby can have some more fun."<br/><br/>She turned to him and then back to me and looked in my eyes for a long moment. She spoke softly," I've got to do this Brian......Please............" She turned and went back to the bed with Spike.<br/><br/>He grabbed her by the arm and roughly pulled her down to the bed. He flipped her onto her face and pushed her face into the bed as he reached under her and pulled her ass up to him. With one hand he grabbed near the head of his cock and with the fingers on the other hand, spread her pussy lips open. He pushed the head of his cock in and roughly shoved in as far as he could. "You like aggressive, huh? I'm gonna fuck your little pussy raw, Girlie.<br/><br/>She literally screamed a blood curdling scream as he slammed her with his big tool. He really began to flog her with his huge pole. Withdrawing and slamming back into her upturned ass, again and again.<br/><br/>"Owww, That hurts...Please....Stop...Owww.....Fuck...Please..."<br/><br/>He just kept ramming his thick vein wrapped cock into her, able to get probably 10 of his 14 inch thick stick into her. Again and again he rammed her while she was screaming in pain.... and pleasure.<br/><br/>After several more minutes of this aerobic fucking marathon, Sam raised her head from the bed and screamed something totally incomprehensible, "Ahhh.....Soooo...Fuuuu..." Her pussy began to squirt her cum out around the huge, plunging cock. Spike kept slamming for all he was worth, his bulging muscles dripping with sweat. His balls now dripping with Sam's cum as were Sam's thighs and upturned ass. With each convulsion of Sam's pussy, more fluid would squirt out around his thick stick.<br/><br/>Spike continued to thrust, again and again, until...finally, Sam's body fell limp against him. "Not yet girlie," He rasped, on the edge of his own impending orgasm, "we're going to make this good for you hubby over there." He rolled Sam onto her back and held each leg up with a hand under each knee. He plunged into her another five or six times before he pulled his giant phallus all of the way out of my wife's sopping vagina. His first, powerful jet of semen erupted straight into Sam's gaping hole.<br/><br/>"No, No Baby, inside me, inside me," Sam cried.<br/><br/>Spike immediately obeyed, thrusting his penis in, again bottoming out my wife's vagina.<br/><br/>Even though I could not touch my own cock, I could take no more....My penis lurched once more and literally launched a massive stream of sperm straight up into the air three feet or more feet. It was followed by a second, smaller dribble of cum that oozed from my head, but I could feel a painful, aching tension in my groin when my cock spasmodically jerked again and shot a massive ribbon of semen into the air, eventually coming down and landing on my face.<br/><br/>Spike ground his penis into Sam's pussy as he continued to shoot, stream after stream of sperm into her hungry, awaiting vagina. Each eruption accented only by his loud groaning as each wave launched from him.<br/><br/>Finally Spike collapsed onto the bed, breathing heavily as Samantha lay beside him, with his seed dripping from her gaping vagina. They both looked over at me and stared at my cum soaked face. They both laughed at the sight as I sat there with my mouth agape and my own semen dripping from my chin.<br/><br/>As I said earlier, I have often thought of that night since. I am conflicted between pain and lust each time I think of the look on Sam's face, wrenching in ecstasy as her vagina squirts her own cum with another man's penis buried deep within her. I'm torn between my own seeming inadequacies even as I revel in bliss at my wife's happiness. My therapy goes on as I grind out another day at the eight to five knowing only that regardless of my own feelings of inadequacy, I will love to see my wife's face again tonight as she again becomes the cum dump for a group of eager young men.<br/><br/>PLEASE COMMENT<br/>

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