White<br/>pt.VI<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>It was a short walk from the pavilion. The music and DJ could still be heard clearly as they arrived at the chalet. Chase pulled two mini tequila's from the fridge and opened the door to the deck. "So, why did you have to come back to the room? You forget somethin?" He opened the two miniature bottles and plopped down on the couch.<br/>"Not exactly.."<br/>"Here you go." Chase said, holding up one of the bottles.<br/>Nikki walked over to him, taking it. "Just had to take care of something..You know, girl stuff." She replied, taking a drink.<br/>"What do you mean?"<br/>"I've had something show up lately that.., was unexpected is all."<br/>A worried look came over Chase's face. "Are you okay?"<br/><img width="311" src="" /><br/>"No, no no there's nothing wrong with me, honey. Just strange.."<br/>What is it?<br/>Nikki took an empty cup from the table. "..Just girl stuff." She bent over, kissing him on the forehead. "I'll be out in a few minutes."<br/>Chase felt something warm drip onto his arm. "What's this?"<br/>"What's what?" She said, standing up.<br/>Chase pointed to a drop of liquid running down her stomach. "That."<br/>"Shit." Nikki cursed, wiping it away. "..Well that's kinda what I was talking about..<br/>He looked up at her confused.<br/>"Chase.. Honey, it's breast milk."<br/>He looked at her raising his eyebrows. "I don't get it..Is that possible without ever having a baby?<br/>"Well of course it is, silly. Besides, I had you didn't I? It's not like it's the first time I've produced milk.."<br/>"Is it normal?"<br/>"Well, it's not normal but it's not unheard of either. My hormones are just overwhelmed since you've come home, and I've started making milk again.. In any case, there you have it. That's why I had to come back to the room for a minute.."<br/>Chase sat there dumbfounded. "Is it wrong that I'm wicked turned on right now?"<br/>"..No...I suppose you probably should be in a way...I guess. ..But, as you can see, I'm overflowing so just gimme a minute and I'll be out in a snap.." She turned for the bathroom.<br/>Chase drunkenly raised his hand. "I'll help you with that.."<br/>She laughed a little still heading for the bathroom. "Yeah, hot stuff, I bet you would.."<br/>"No really.. Can I help?"<br/>Nikki slowed to a stop and turned around. She looked at him shaking her head. "Chase, I don't....<br/>"You don't what?"<br/>"You're really serious aren't you..<br/>"Yes mom, I am."<br/>She put her hands on her hips and stared him down. "You're seriously asking me to breastfeed you.."<br/>"You said it was because of me anyway.."<br/>"But, I'm your mother and.."<br/>"And?" Chase interrupted.<br/>Nikki bit her lower lip and stared at him. The music coming from the pavilion stopped and the DJ once again took to the mic. "This next one's a show stopper. It's from Nikki to her young baby husband Chase. Pop those tops ladies...and don't forget the 'Buttons'. It's The Pussy Cat Dolls!"<br/><br/>The music began and Chase started grinning, raising his eyebrows. "I can help with those too.."<br/>Nikki started laughing. "Awwwe..." She walked over to the dimmer switch by the door and dimmed the lights. "This just HAS to be the tequila talking but..Okay, baby boy.. you want it, you got it." Her heels slowly clicked over the wood floor as she walked to the coffee table across from him. Putting the cup back on the table, she walked around it until she was standing between his legs. She reached between her breasts and untied the black cover-up. She looked down at his shorts. "Can you keep that under control?.."<br/>Chase simply stared up at her in awe. "Hmm?"<br/>She let go of the cover-up and it slipped from her shoulders, falling off to the floor. There she stood in the white bikini top. It was completely soaked through and fully transparent. Chase couldn't believe his eyes. His mother's breasts were perfect. The perfect size. The perfect up-turned shape with perfectly proportioned nipples.<br/>"Is this what you imagined they'd look like?" Nikki said softly.<br/>"..They're even better.." Chase muttered.<br/>She put her hands on his shoulders and sat down on him. As she straddled him, the zippers on her skirt unzipped all the way to the top. One side unhooked completely and the skirt slackened. Her left hip was completely exposed and her skirt was now lying in front of her between the two of them. Chase licked her nipple through the fabric of the bra giving her goosebumps.<br/>"Hold on, honey." She reached up behind her neck and pulled the string, untying the top. Uncovering her right breast, she supported it in her hand. She held the back of his head with the other. "..Gently baby.." She whispered, guiding her nipple into his mouth. Chase wrapped his lips around her entire aureola. "..You can suck, baby. ..There you go...That's my good boy.." She closed her eyes and ran her fingers through his hair. The feeling was incredible. To feel him suckle again was exactly what she was needing. She could already feel Chase stiffening beneath her. <a href=""></a> "Down boy.." She whispered. Chase continued to suck on her. "I suppose my boy can't help it can you...Poor thing.."<br/>It was then that the button on his shorts gave way with a snap. His cock flew upwards, the head hitting her pussy directly and coming to a rest between her lips. She flinched a little but allowed him to stay pressed against her.<br/>Chase could feel her warmth. She was extremely wet and he was loosing control.<br/>Nikki moved forward a little in order for him to switch to her other breast. Bad move. She had inadvertently stood him up beneath her, accidentally positioning him perfectly. His hands moved to her hips and she faltered. The rest of her skirt fell to the floor and she could feel the head of his penis just barely begin to enter her.<br/>"Chase, baby this is a really bad idea, believe me.." Nikki was beginning to freak out. "Don't do it, honey." She could feel him enter her by just a fraction of an inch. His cock was twitching and jumping. It was driving her crazy. "Suck me harder. Please, no more though.. Please!..Just suck me harder baby.." She felt herself expand as even more of him pushed her lips apart. He jumped, pushing the entire head of his cock just inside her. Her breathing steadily got heavier as he twitched and bucked.<br/>Chase looked up at her. "..But you'd be my first, Mama.."<br/>She knew she was close but hearing him say that as he called her 'mama' sent her over the edge. "Oh god!" Her pussy clamped down hard around the head of his cock. "Oh my god!!" She shook wildly as she came, ending up with her head on Chase's shoulder out of breath. He wasted no time. As soon as her pussy loosned it's grip, he pushed himself all they way inside her. .."Uhhhhhh!"..She cried, gving in and allowing it to happen. Chase let out a moan as the feeling of his mother's womb enveloped him. She was so warm. So soft. It felt as if she was holding him with nothing but pure love. She gradually lifted her herself all the way to the tip of him and then ever so slowly let herself back down again. Arching her back, she gently rolled her hips into him. "Is this what you wanted? You wanted mommy? Hmmm?"<br/>Chase nodded, sucking her breast.<br/>"You like mama's tits? ...Yeah? Ooooh... Mama's here....You just needed your mommy didn't you..<br/>Chase nodded again sucking even harder on her nipples, barely able to breathe. His stamina was going to be short lived.<br/>Nikki felt him suddenly harden even more and reality came back to her with sheer terror as she realized he was getting close. "Honey, you can't cum in me.." His arms held her even tighter lost in ecstasy. "Baby I'm really serious, don't cum in me.. Let me go, baby... Sweetie, you'll get me pregnant!..." His grip tightened as his arms wrapped tightly around her. She felt him stiffen even further. She knew what he was capable of if he let loose in her. If she wasn't pregnant already, it was all but guaranteed. This was bad. Very bad. She had to get away from him. He instinctively pulled her down and pushed as far into her as he could. She winced as he pushed through her cervix. This was her last chance. She struggled to move but he had her in a bear hug. Panic was setting in. "Chase baby, please don't! Let go honey. Please Chase! Let me go! Chase, Don't! Chase! You're gonna get me pregnant! Chase! Stop! you're gonna get me pregnant!!!"<br/>It was then that an enormous and long pulse splashed against the top of her uterus. "OH MY GAWWD!!" Nikki cried helplessly. The power and volume was incredible. Chase threw his head back, releasing her nipple from his mouth. His mother's breasts bounced as they collided back together. A second gigantic pulse shot into her, bathing her entire womb. "UHH!.." She'd never felt so much cum. Thick and heavy, she could already feel the weight of it clinging to every surface within her. A third and then a fourth and fifth poured into her. It seemed never ending. One thick titanic flowing burst after another. Nikki's breasts bounced and she whimpered with each one. She began to shake and moan from the overall sensation of her son impregnating her. She clamped down on him again as another massive gushing blast of her son's seed rushed though her. "OH..OH God! You're gettin me! Chase, I'm gonna have your baby! Mommy's gonna have your baby! Holy shit! Give it to me.. ..Give mommy a baby!!!OH MY GAWWD!! She came again, feeling her son filling her to the brim with yet a further colossal wave. She wasn't sure if she could hold much more. She could actually feel her lower stomach expanding. She put his hand on her stomach and held it there. "Feel mommy's tummy...Feel your baby. Feel mommy getting pregnant.." She wrapped both arms around him and held him as another epic volley of his semen rocketed into her. Chase bucked and his cock pumped out even more. Nikki's womb was full. Her body physically couldn't contain any more from him. His cum began to drip from her as he gave her one last tremendous jet. His climax subsiding, he finally released his hold on her and collapsed back into the couch. Even as he was softening, his cock still jumped, attempting to pump every last drop of sperm into her. Nikki stayed on top of him, holding him and slowly running her fingers through his hair. The clock hit midnight. Her son still inside of her, she kissed him on the forehead and whispered, "Happy birthday, baby. ..You're gonna make a great daddy.."<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>Nikki awoke to the sound of her phone ringing. She fumbled for it, her eyes still closed. Finding it she picked it up and answered it. "..This better be good.."<br/>"Mom? Are you okay? We're gonna miss our flight in a few hours.."<br/>"Mmm.. Let's stay here another week, honey.." Nikki replied almost falling back asleep.<br/>"What for? Don't you have to work down there?"<br/>"Huh?" Nikki opened her eyes, finding she was in her own bed. She shot up. "No fricken way that was a dream!."<br/>"What?"<br/>Her eyes flashed to the packet of sleeping pills on the nightstand. "Chase.. Honey, I'm sorry I over slept..." She jumped up, throwing on the red sundress she had laid out the previous night. "I just had the most vivid, most crazy dream of my life!.." She quickly moved to the bathroom, touching up her face and putting her hair up. "...We were down in Jamaica and there was this wild hotel and babies..and.."<br/>"You mean like wild ugly zombie babies? I had a zombie baby dream once.."<br/>Nikki laughed, "No, sweetie...Very cute loveable babies, I'm sure.."<br/>"Oh.. Well that sounds like a good dream then.."<br/>"Yeah i guess it really was. You like babies do ya?"<br/>"Well yeah. Of course I love babies. Who doesn't?"<br/>Nikki grabbed her keys and purse and made her way downstairs. "Can I ask you something?"<br/>"Shoot."<br/>"Do you think I'm hot?" Nikki asked, smiling.<br/>"Yeah I do....Once again, who doesn't?" Chase laughed.<br/>Nikki stopped at the door and turned around. "Do you like my boobs?"<br/>"..Who doesn't?"<br/>She walked over to the kitchen counter, stopping near the Victoria's Secret bag. "..Do you think I'd look sexy in a white see-through string bikini?"<br/>"Damn, Mom. This conversation really wasn't what I was expecting but, yeah I think you'd look extremely sexy in that.."<br/>"..So you think I'm like my think i'd be sexy in a white see-through bikini, and you love babies.."<br/>"Umm..Yeah..?..Is that all good or bad?<br/>"It's perfect!" Nikki snatched the bag from the counter and turned back for the door. "..Hope you like tequila!.."<br/>

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