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PC, Pocket Edition, and Minecraft Xbox Live Arcade.<br/> <a href="https://www.openlearning.com/u/dillonwinkel-rdz31a/blog/HowToPutInAndPlayWithModsInMinecraftJavaEditionOnComputer">all about minecraft servers and minecraft in general</a> </p><br/><p><br/> Doodle Truck 2 [iOS Universal Game Category: Games Now for free, and reduced from $0.99Night or day no matter what the weather, real truckers are always ready to haul so grab your load and take delivery of the goods.<br/></p><br/><p><br/> Stickyboard 2 [iPad Category: Business Now Free, Starting at $4.99] Imagine a huge whiteboard that is filled with endless stacks of sticky notes. Now with Magic Arrange support and Retina display support.<br/></p><br/><p><br/> Plants against. Zombie [iPhone Category: Games ] Available for free, starting at $2.99Prepare to plant your plants. A zombie-loving mobs are about to invade your home. 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