<p>If GTA Online is down then you're no doubt frustrated, and have come here looking for answers about what's going on. Whether there's a temporary issue preventing players from logging in or something more serious happening with the servers, try not to get too stressed as any significant disruption to GTA Online will be affecting everyone else equally with endless loading screens or error messages, so it's not just you. Of course you'd rather be dominating Los Santos than chasing down error codes or troubleshooting the issues you're having, so we've got the lowdown on how to confirm if GTA Online is down, what you can do (if anything) to fix the issue, and where you can find out when the servers will be up and running again. <a href="">games</a> </p><br/><p>Note that if you're getting the "Your profile does not have permission to access GTA Online" error message, this is an unrelated issue and we have a separate guide detailing what to do in that situation.</p><br/><p>Is GTA Online down?</p><br/><p>At the time of writing the GTA Online servers are down on PC, due to issues with the Rockstar Game Launcher following the launch of the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition. Rockstar are currently working on a fix to get things up and running on that platform again ASAP.</p><br/><p>The first place to look for information is the @RockstarSupport (opens in new tab) Twitter feed, which details any issues they are aware of and confirms when they have been resolved. GTA Online patch notes will also appear there, though unlike many other games the servers are rarely taken offline for planned updates as they are deployed straight into the live environment. You can also check the Rockstar Service Status (opens in new tab) page, to see if there's confirmation that GTA Online is down. If your issue isn't covered there, you can visit the Rockstar Games Customer Support (opens in new tab) site for more advice, or log a request for further assistance.</p><br/><p>If there's no official word from Rockstar on the problems you're experiencing, the next place to check is the Downdetector status page for GTA Online (opens in new tab) to see if other players are in the same boat. If there's a sudden spike in reports then you're not alone, and there are wider issues that are no doubt being investigated. If you're a console player then it's also worth checking the official PlayStation Network Service Status (opens in new tab) or Xbox Live Status (opens in new tab), in case that is having an effect on the wider connectivity of your gaming service.</p><br/><p>How long will GTA Online be down for?</p><br/><p>If you do find that GTA Online is down, try not to stress too much about it. Over the years Rockstar has built up a strong infrastructure to support the game, and it's very rare for the GTA Online servers to be unavailable for an extended period of time. Be patient, check the information sources we mentioned above, and before too long you'll be back up and running again in your criminal enterprises.</p>

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