a lesser amount of<br/>Now, when you piped the outcome of the ls command into the less control, you can use the Up Arrow, Down Arrow and Internet page Up and Page Straight down keys to scroll over the output with the ls command line.<br/>Press the Down Arrow key a few times; then the Up Arrow essential and then Site Up and Page Low. A nice method to view the files from the Linux file-system!<br/><br/>Notice that only the item (directory and file) names appear. You don't find any other data, such as the size and night out.<br/><br/>Press <a href=""></a> "q" (without the quotes) to give up out of the much less command. Accomplish this after running each of the command line examples under.<br/><br/><img width="309" src="" /><br/>Now manage the ls command together with the -l (for long) choice to get a "long" and more specific listing of those items in the etcetera directory.<br/><br/>]$ ls -l<br/>

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