<p>Read more 'Warhawk' stories</p><br/><p>A majority of the Trophies in Warhawk simply involve playing the game for a long time. As you level up, you'll unlock the in-game medals which will in turn unlock Trophies. If you want an easy time getting all the Trophies, grab a second player to help you out. It's cheating, yes. But sometimes you gotta do ... what you gotta do.</p><br/><p>View Trophy Guide | View Trophy List | Visit Trophy Portal</p><br/><p>Platinum Trophy</p><br/><p>Warhawk Supreme Achievement<br/>Earn all other 40 Trophies from the base Warhawk game. Addon Trophies are NOT required.</p><br/><p>Gold Trophies</p><br/><p>Bandwidth Donor<br/>Simply host a dedicated server for four consecutive hours. To do this go to Create Game tab from the Home Page and under the Server Options tab change Type to 'Dedicated' and check the Ranked box. You can mess with the other remaining options under Advanced Options and Game Options to your hearts content, but the aforementioned two settings must be done. You will not be able to play during this time, so be sure to do this sometime you won't be wanting to play.</p><br/><p>Surgical Strike<br/>Some people like to sit on top of the flag in a Dropship in CTF matches. Do your duty and Binocular strike them. OR:<br/>* Player two sits in a Dropship while player one calls down a Binocular strike.</p><br/><p>Porcupine<br/>In all honesty it's not likely you'll get this one without setting it up. You could get lucky with a low flying extremely damaged Warhawk but I wouldn't bet on it. You'll need to deploy the E-POD shield so that the Warhawk is inside it for the best shot.<br/>* Have player two hover in a Warhawk while player one deploys a E-POD shield. If it doesn't destroy the Warhawk put up another E-POD shield. Simple as that.</p><br/><p>That Was Some Bug<br/>Kill an enemy who is flying a jetpack by hitting them with any vehicle or aircraft. Look out for enemies with jetpacks. Try to boost into them for the kill. OR:<br/>* Again a second player to keep player two in the air is helpful, but again tape can do fine. Boost into player two for the kill.</p><br/><p>Silver Trophies</p><br/><p>Giant Killer<br/>Shoot down an enemy Dropship while using a Warhawk. You'll likely need a team of Warhawk to take down a good Dropship, but keep at it and eventually it will go down. OR:<br/>* Just have player two sit there in a Dropship while player one lets loose everything it has on it.</p><br/><p>Flying Fortress<br/>Awarded to the driver and all six passengers of a fully-loaded Dropship. You'll need to get a fully occupied Dropship. This means six passengers and the driver for a total of seven people. OR:<br/>* You can use split screen and an uneven server to set this up with little effort, but you'll still need a friend or two.</p><br/><p>King of the Jungle Gym<br/>Retrieve the Proximity Mines from the top of the dome on the Omega Factory Rumble Dome layout. This could be tough unless you're in a small server, but even then it still could be.<br/>* Make a server and you don't even need a second player. Climb up and grab the Proximity Mines.</p><br/><p>Behind Enemy Lines<br/>Drive an APC into the enemy's home base, then have at least one teammate spawn into that APC. Hop into an APC and drive it over to the enemy base. You'll need to stay inside the APC to allow someone to spawn inside it. OR:<br/>* Make an uneven server with both players on one side. Player one should drive the APC over to the enemy base then allow player two to spawn inside it.</p><br/><p>Shield Breaker<br/>Break an enemy E-POD shield using the Lightning Shell. - Whenever you see an E-POD shield, charge up your Lightning Shell completely. Shoot the E-POD shield and it'll break. OR:<br/>* Player two hops into an APC and releases an E-POD shield. Player one charges up a Lightening Shell and shoots the E-POD shield.</p><br/><p>Canyon Run<br/>Using a Warhawk, shoot down an enemy Warhawk in the central gorge in Vaporfield Glacier. You'll need to lure or follow an enemy Warhawk into the small circular canyon around the center base. Shoot down the enemy while you both are inside the canyon. OR:<br/>* Player two should hover inside the canyon while player one sits there shooting them.</p><br/><p>Aerial Ballet<br/>While flying a jetpack, kill an enemy (who is also flying a jetpack) with any weapon other than the Rocket Launcher. This can be rather difficult, but if you play enough jetpack servers you'll pick this up soon enough. If you can time it right you can knife the enemy for the kill. OR:<br/>* You could use a second person here to keep player two in flight, or you could tape the controller so that they hover in place. Either shoot player two (with anything but a Rocket Launcher) or knife them.</p><br/><p>Are You Aim-Botting?<br/>Snipe an enemy who is flying a jetpack. You'll likely need to be behind the enemy and have them not paying attention to you. As most players don't stay in one position when they are in jetpacks you'll need to get a decent shot for this. OR:<br/>* Again, ask another person or use tape for assistance. You don't have to be far from them, so a close Sniper kill is the easiest way to go.</p><br/><p>Safety Violation<br/>Kill a distant enemy from on top of the salvage crane in Tau Crater. Use the sniper rifle and snipe an enemy. The distance isn't really defined, but killing anybody on the ground should do. OR:<br/>* Just like Dead-Eye, have player two stand still for the sniper kill.</p><br/><p>Bronze Trophies</p><br/><p>Warlord<br/>Enlistee will be earned when you either create or join a Clan. Warlord will be earned when you look at your clan if you are the Clan Leader and have at least 10 members.<br/>For Warlord, Clan Leadership is transferable, meaning if you transfer Clan Leadership to someone else they will also earn the Warlord Trophy.</p><br/><p>Rivalry<br/>Join a clan and have a clan match set up. Win the match and you get the Trophy. The match type can be of any other than Deathmatch. Team Deathmatch, CTF, etc will award the Trophy. The Trophy can be won in a 1-on-1 clan match as long as it is not Deathmatch. Since you cannot do two different clans split-screen this will require at least one other person (or PS3) for assistance.</p><br/><p>Cowboy<br/>Play either a perfect Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch. Much harder than it sounds, but smaller matches provide a better opportunity to do this in. A 1-on-1 DM or TDM will not award this.</p><br/><p>Hat Trick<br/>Keep going after the flag. Even if you have a good team this can still sometimes be a pain to get. Smaller matches may provide an easier route to base but will likely draw more attention to you when you get the flag. OR:<br/>* Create a CTF server, under Advanced Options enable 'Fly with Objective.' You don't need an additional player for this one so just hop in a Warhawk, grab the flag, return to base. Rinse and repeat two more times.</p><br/><p>World Victory<br/>You will likely need a good team or an opposing team to allow you to grab this Trophy. To earn it you will need to capture every base on the map and then lower your opponents main base to level 1<br/>.</p><br/><p>Survivalist<br/>Again smaller matches may be of assistance as you'll have fewer people coming after you. Find a good weapon and a health pickup, stick around the health pickup and grab it if you need. OR:<br/>* Create a Hero server. Wait one minute and you're done. You don't even need to bring in a second player.</p><br/><p>Collector<br/>You'll need a good team or a small match. You'll need to grab all four cores and return them to base. You can use a Warthog to speed around, but you'll still need to hop out to grab the cores. OR:<br/>* Create a Collection server. Grab the four cores and return to base. Done.</p><br/><p>Anti-Air Ninja<br/>The most likely shot you'll have at this is by using a Wrench or a Binocular strike, still both of which are tough to do. Flamethrowers can do some damage too. You'll either need to find someone sitting low and stationary or a severely damaged Warhawk to pull this off. OR:<br/>* Have the second player hop in a Warhawk and fly over to the first player. Have the Warhawk hover really close to the ground. Have the first player pull out a Wrench, Binoculars or a Flamethrower and let loose on the Warhawk.<br/>*If you use a Wrench you can get the Saboteur Trophy too.</p><br/><p>Dead-Eye<br/>I hope you have some Sniping skills as you'll need them. Find a sniper and jump into a Warhawk. Fly to a high location and start sniping the furthest person you see.</p><br/><p>Saboteur<br/>Grab a wrench and sneak up on an enemy in a vehicle. You won't show up on their mini-map if you have your wrench out so as long as they don't see you you should be able to get a few hits in before they can react. 4×4's take around 5 hits to destroy, but you can always soften them up with other fire first if you so choose.<br/>* Have player two hop into a vehicle and find player one. Player one needs a Wrench, so grab one and start whacking away at the enemy vehicle.</p><br/><p>Irony<br/>You'll need to look out for people throwing proximity mines. If they throw one close to themselves or they walk by one that doesn't blow up... shoot the mine. Should be noted that these are Infantry Proximity Mines and not the Warhawk Aerial Mines as is often mistaken. OR: <br/>* Have player two throw a mine and stand over it. Have play one find them and shoot the mine.</p><br/><p>Invincible<br/>I found this easiest in a small match. <a href="https://risks.info/">Risks</a> I found a health pickup and an enemy then almost let myself get killed, then grabbed the health just before I died. The health bar seems to be around 150-200, so you'll need to about die twice. OR:<br/>* Do as above with player one. Since you'll be able to better control the damage don't pick up the health until you only have a few bars left.</p><br/><p>Taxi Driver<br/>Just drive a teammate that has the flag or a core back to base. It's easier to do this with cores as you can always return cores whereas you can't a flag if yours is stolen. OR:<br/>* Create a private server where teams don't have to be equal or you can just use 3 controllers. Have the second player grab a core or flag and let the first player drive them back to base.</p><br/><p>Resourceful Driver<br/>Achieve a road kill and a .50 cal kill using the same 4×4, without dismounting. This is actually rather simple. You hold Square and change your seating to the other position, so grab one of the kills and kind another person and grab that kill. OR:<br/>* Have player one grab a 4×4, get the two kills. You can drive/fly over to the enemy base where the second player spawns for a quicker second kill.</p><br/><p>One In A Million<br/>Shoot down an enemy aircraft using the tank's main cannon. You'll need to be really good in a tank, really lucky and sneak up on a hovering enemy. OR:<br/>* Create a private server, have player one hop into a tank and player two into a Warhawk. Player two should hover while player one unloads the tanks main cannon on it.</p><br/><p>Overkill<br/>Destroy an enemy aircraft with a volley of 8 Swarm Missiles. You may eventually get this if you actively go after it or have the tendency to fire off 8 missiles at a time. OR:<br/>* Player one picks up 8 swarm missiles while player two just hovers. Fire off 8 Swarm Missiles at once and you're done.</p><br/><p>Dumbfire<br/>Destroy an enemy aircraft with a dumbfired Swarm or Homing Missile. It is pretty hard to do this, but if you're lucky and find a damaged enemy and can get a couple shots off then try to do so. You only have to destroy the enemy with the Missile, so you can soften them up with anything else that you so desire. OR:<br/>* Player two should just hover while player one keeps shooting it with the machine gun. Just before it's destroyed pull off the machine gun and start dumbfiring missiles at it.</p><br/><p>Remote Pilot<br/>Destroy an enemy aircraft with a TOW Missile. You'll need to find a TOW missile, a hiding spot and a hovering Warhawk. You can hit a flying Warhawk but hovering Warhawks make for much easier targets. The TOW Missile is the one that shows a first-person view from the missile and allows you to guide it. OR:<br/>* Have player one grab a TOW Missile. Have player two hover while you shoot off the TOW Missile.</p><br/><p>How Did You Do That?<br/>Destroy an enemy aircraft with a Cluster Bomb. Again a hovering Warhawk makes an ample target. I severely damaged Warhawk makes things much easier. OR:<br/>* Have player two hover in a Warhawk. Player one should soften the Warhawk up with machine guns then hover over top and slightly behind player two. Release the cluster bombs and if you miss then readjust your position.</p><br/><p>Tail Shaker<br/>Destroy an enemy aircraft with an Aerial Mine within 5 seconds of deploying it. Two ways to do this. You can either release one if you have an enemy on your tail and hope they run into it or you can fly straight toward an enemy Warhawk and release a mine either on top of them or just before they reach you. OR:<br/>* Have player two run into an Aerial Mine right after player one releases it. You can have them hovering nearby and run into it or following slightly behind.</p><br/><p>Emergency Evasion<br/>Break at least 6 simultaneous missile locks using Chaff. If you fly in a Warhawk enough you'll pull this off eventually as long as you use Chaff from time to time. OR:<br/>* Have player two flying slowly at a distance behind player one. Lock on six (or more) missiles and fire. Player one should boost and prepare to use Chaff when you get notification of 6.</p><br/><p>Hit List<br/>Kill every member of the opposing team at least once during a round. Again, smaller servers are easier to do this on. You'll need to take out every person on the opposing team at least once.</p><br/><p>Anti-Camper<br/>Kill an enemy in a Missile or Flak Turret after that enemy has achieved at least five kills in that type of turret. This one will be a bit of luck. You'll need to watch out for a slightly large amount of kill coming from someone in a turret. Once you find someone I find it easiest to take care of them by sneaking up with a knife and then using a flamethrower. OR:<br/>* Let player two achieve 5 kills in either Turret. Afterwards player one should come with a TOW, missiles, a flamethrower or rockets.</p><br/><p>Vengeance<br/>Kill an enemy within 60 seconds of that enemy killing you. Really, this one should be easy to achieve if you stay around spawn points and die. You'll eventually kill the person that killed you. OR:<br/>* Simple. Get player two to run to player ones spawn and kill them. Player one should spawn at the same point and return the favor.</p><br/><p>Daredevil<br/>Get 100 feet off the ground in a ground vehicle. Does not count if the vehicle is being carried by a Dropship. Take a 4×4 and run it off the side of a cliff at top speed. Simple as that. A few spots in Tau Crater make this even easier.</p><br/><p>Minesweeper<br/>People like to throw Mines down on close quarter maps. Oblige them by killing yourself... five times.</p><br/><p>Reckless Pilot<br/>Commit suicide in a Warhawk by running into your own Aerial Mine. We've all done this on accident once or twice if you've payed enough. It's self explanatory enough, just go do it... once, any more than that and I think we need to take your Pilot's License from you.</p><br/><p>What's That Green Line?<br/>Get killed by a Binoculars strike while piloting an aircraft. You'll need someone who likes to use binoculars. If you see one dash to where they're aiming and wait for the strike. OR:<br/>* Player one should hover in an aircraft while player two paints the aircraft with binoculars.</p><br/><p>Submitted by Andrew W.</p>

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